Evidence points to FBI once again foiling their own terror plot, this time nabbing 3 Black Bloc activists planning to protest at the NATO summit in Chicago

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by – May 19, 2012 at 7:06 pm 

Did The FBI Foil Their Own Terror Plot Again?

Law enforcement officials in Chicago admitted today they infiltrated and planted one of their own agents among a ring of activists they accuse of planning to conduct terrorist attacks on the NATO summit in Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribune (who’s article is an almost complete reprint of the Illinois State Prosecutor’s press release).

Cops charge three activists in a terrorism plot – Jared Chase, Brent Betterly, Brian Church. ( Well kinda sorta)

According to official documents, the group was under ‘covert surveillance’ during which an inside operative wearing a recorded three Black Bloc anarchists plotting to conduct terrorist attacks on several targets in Chicago.

Law enforcement officials allege that while monitoring the bug the three anarchists while began making Molotov Cocktails and immediately alerted special prosecutors who were part of the covert operation.

Soon after, the prosecutors obtained a no-knock  search warrant and raided the activists house with the assistance of the FBI and the U.S. secret service.

The activists, who are being held on conspiracy to commit terrorism,  vehemently deny the governments accusations.

The raid was part of a series of preemptive raids ahead of the NATO summit in Chicago during which many activists were thrown in jail without warrant or charge. (More below)

The National Lawyers Guild, who is representing the activists, further claim that while their clients have been detained since Wednesday with law enforcement has still failed to produce any evidence to support their allegations.

Given the fact that the first two trials of Occupy Wall Street activists in New York ended up with the defendants  being acquitted in court, after video in both cases proved the NYPD committed false arrests and then lied in court, it is entirely possible the police are once again making false accusations.

It is no secret that the FBI repeatedly foils their own terror plots time and time again with the most recent example being the May Day terror plot which coincidentally targeted anarchist activists.

If the governments past history in every similar case is any indicator of the events that occurred in Chicago here is what we can expect to learn in the future:

1) The alleged terror plot was the brainchild of the FBI.
2) The FBI planted an agent within the ranks of the Occupy Protestors.
3) The agent then convinced other activists to go along with the FBI’s terror plot.

In legal terms this is an illegal practice known as entrapment and goes against the very foundations of our Constitution.

But as we have seen since the 9/11 terror attacks the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are now legacy ideas that have been declared obsolete so the government can protect us from the same bogey man they have created.

As we have seen over and over again US courts have ruled that National Security trumps entrapment and has let law enforcement repeatedly target Muslims in such entrapment schemes.

What is disturbing here is that the spying and targeting of  Muslims with ties to the Middle east is now shifting to the targeting of  the average US citizen who has done nothing more than engage in political discourse as permitted under the Constitution and encourage by our founding fathers.

The police openly admit they ‘infiltrated Occupy Chicago’ weeks before the raid so it is only a matter of time before we learn about entrapment plot.

In this case, they were conducting covert surveillance on 3 Black Bloc who came in from out-of-state to join the anit-NATO protests.

FBI Involvement Before the Chicago Crackdown

Cops charge three activists in a terrorism plot - Jared Chase, Brent Betterly, Brian Church
Cops charge three activists in a terrorism plot – Jared Chase, Brent Betterly, Brian Church

Prior to the Chicago raids, Jared Chase, pictured on the left above was present at a FBI raid in on Occupy Miami in Florida.

Then, before the preemptive NATO summit raids Jared was once again in a car with Occupy Chicago activists that was pulled over by the Chicago Police.

That incident was recorded by the activists and uploaded to YouTube and used to show that the police were harassing them for no good reason… Read much more & Video @AlexanderHiggins

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