JFK vs. Barack Obama

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Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Reporter

Barack Hussein Obama can not and must not be compared with any United States President.  In fact the word president should not be associated with his name.  Obama is an evil Marxist leading the party he hijacked toward the end of America as we know it.  He will be stopped.   Why you ask?  Listen to the lies of Obama’s main pit bull Nancy the broom flyer Pelosi.

Please take a moment to check out an article I wrote while writing for the National Examiner: Let’s discuss the “failed economic policies” of President George W. Bush”   Who you going to believe Nancy or me: ;-)

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

JFK vs. Barack Obama

A couple of days ago marked the birthday of John F. Kennedy. Happy belated Birthday Mr. President. Unfortunately, with the current crop of Democratic Party “leaders” not so happy for people of this nation.

As part of a project that I have been working on I needed to go back and look at some old video footage of John F. Kennedy’s speeches in an effort to gauge his political ideology. In order to show contrast, most people on the right love to compare Obama with Reagan. In my opinion, this is the wrong thing to do. We need to compare Obama with JFK to see that the Democratic Party, and this country, has been hijacked by the left.

Check out some of the quotes from JFK and you tell me if you notice any changes in rhetoric:

“I don’t believe in big government”—Kennedy-Nixon Presidential Debate, 1960

“I believe in the balanced budget”—Kennedy-Nixon Presidential Debate, 1960

Would you ever hear those words come out of the mouth of Obama? Pelosi? Biden? Wasserman-Schultz?

The left continually tell us that today’s Republican Party would never elect Ronald Reagan in a primary. But, would today’s Democratic Party elect John F. Kennedy today as their nominee? Judging by what I have seen and heard from the mouth of JFK himself the answer would be “NO”. The Democratic Party of yesteryear hardly resembles the party of today. They were much more mainstream back then. (More Below)

The RHINO’s (Republican In Name Only) more resembles what the Democratic Party of JFK in 1960 stood for while the Republican conservatives of today more resemble the ideology of Reagan. We have stopped debating the issues from a center right perspective. We are now debating the issues where the current administration wants it…from far left of center.

Think of the struggle between the two ideologys as a tug of war. We are a center-right country so the ribbon on the rope would start at just “right of the center”.  The rope has been pulled so far to the left that the ribbon sits almost atop the people pulling on the left (Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz). In order to for this nation to settle back where it belongs it requires an extremely hard pull to the right so the ribbon goes back to it’s original place of right of center. If we don’t pull hard enough it will settle left of center and to the left that will mean progress. Doesn’t that make some sort of sense?

Why is it that the Democratic Party of today wants the Republican Party to “moderate” its stance? Today, Republicans need to call upon disenfranchised Democrats asking them to moderate their stance by electing more “left of center” people instead of the “leftists” they have today. The problem is that today’s party of Obama, Pelosi and Reid control the campaign cash and this NOT your father’s Democratic Party of JFK.

There are plenty of things that JFK and Obama agree on, most notably their positions on Medicare and Social Security. Both of these programs, as we know, are bankrupting this nation. In my opinion, JFK would have made some major changes to these programs to save them. Obama and the left have no such interest.

This tug of war will continue from now until election day. Keep pulling. If we don’t this nation will end up in the mud.

Blaise Ingoglia, Founder

Government Gone Wild!

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4 thoughts on “JFK vs. Barack Obama

  1. Man, I love being right. You people are racist to the core! It’s the Novemeber elections and obviously the right aren’t hiding their racist tendencies anymore. It’s there for all to see. How do I know? the racist right are doubling down on their lies and smears to get the black man out of office.

    ” Dolores Huerta did a lot to raise the standard of living for migrant farmworkers in this country. How is this a bad thing at all? Ask the migrant workers if they were more free before Dolores Huerta and Caesar Chavez, or after.

    He’s been a great success. He’s:
    – stopped the job loss hemorrhage that he faced when he entered office and created 4.2 million new private sector jobs.
    – He and Bush bailed out the banks. Over Republican opposition, Obama saved the US auto industry from going into bankruptcy. (Saving banks and Detroit makes him a hero and not a socialist/communist. One of those would have nationalized those industries.
    – He’s no racist. His mother was white and his white grandparents raised him. What’s your problem?

    I know It’s because Obama is awarding a Non-white revolutionist like Dolores!

    Communism is a utopiaistic idea. it has never occured in the form it is meant for, and is most likely impossible. NOTHING is wrong with communism, but still Obama is not communist. Maybe a little socialist though, which is an ideal that is in the interests of the people, get your facts, and dont listen to inter party rhetoric. Vote for Obama because his intersts coincide with yours and about 99% of the populations, if you vote for Romney, well then its your suicide note, but its your choice.

    “…Blaming every failure of his presidency on his last name, Republicans, ”

    If Republicans calling Obama a Muslim is one of Obama’s failings, that particular “failing” can be blamed on Republicans.

    Also, Obama might or might not be the most knowledgeable recent President on Judiasm, but he clearly is more knowledgeable than the last 5 Republican Presidents (Bush, Bush, Reagan, Ford, Nixon). Nixon was an explicit anti-semite. The other 4 help define the term “incurious”.

    Obama is NOT Anti-American, how would an anti-american become or want to become the president? makes no sense. Funny that the racist right langauge fits the descpriton of Anti-American!
    And Obama is NOT a marxist, only Karl Marx was a Marxist.

    if anything, people are racist against him. They hate Obama NOT because he doesn’t think American. It’s because He doesn’t think ‘White”

  2. Are you on some kind of mind altering chemicals, or are you just a freaking retard?

  3. Fucked up Spooky Man…the name fits well.
    Private Sector jobs are created by just the…the private sector, which matter of fact, was due to out of work Americans, so they pulled up their big boy pants and started businesses. If anything Obama made it more difficult for small businesses with E.O.s…that most entrepreneurs are ignoring.

    Unemployment =7.2 percent in 2008, 11.1 in 2010 (Obama Failure) and was 23% right down the road from me.

    Racist? Obama said: “I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.” “I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mother’s race.” “There was something about her that made me wary, a little too sure of herself, maybe and white.” source; Dreams From My Father, by B.H. Obama:
    (that sir, is racism!)
    and as far as his Muslim love… Obama said: “”I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” source Audacity of Hope, by B.H. Obama: (that sir is anti-Christ)

    The rest of your diatribe is ludicrous non-sense babble with zero facts and tons of unicorns & sparkles, although I congratulate you on your use of the 1st amendment in creating that fanciful fiction. I would however suggest you see a Psychiatrist as soon as possible.

    RB Davis

  4. Fuckedupspookyman leaves one to wonder where he’s been hiding all this time – -“why would an anti-American want to be president?” What an ignorant question- -so he can, almost single-handedly destroy the USA, just as he’s been doing. Quite frankly, if you really think communism is so great, why don’t you just move to Red China? You “think” obama-soetoro “stopped the job-loss hemorage?? If so, WHY does the unemployment rate keep going UP?? The only “person” Delores Huerta has “helped” is herself – -to a “nice, fat government paycheck”! Your admiration for Delores and Hugo is notable – -why don’t you move to Venezuela? By the way, I’m so “racist” I would love to see either Allen West, or Herman Cain as the next president – -at least they’re American and “care about the USA”!

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