Seattle Police Blame Guns for Gang Shootings

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Reporter
In random survey’s this is not about the police as much as it is about politics within police departments. 
When asked about qualified citizens having the right to carry a concealed weapon, the police driving around in squad cars clearly get it.  Of course they would rather be greeted when they pull someone over who tells them when asked for their license and registration that the have a license to carry a concealed weapon.  They understand the training involved, the study of gun law involved. 

Of course none of this is operative with the run of the mill street thug who without thinking twice will execute a police officer in cold blood.
As they move up the ranks however, depending upon the liberal slant of the state, the State of Washington and the city of Seattle among them, they become part of the politically correct. 
They have forgotten, guns don’t kill people, people kill people, it’s that simple. 
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

You may recall that I blogged the Memorial Day shootings in Chicago. During the same time span, Seattle had an outbreak of gun violence, including your basic drive-by collateral damage disaster. I focused on Chicago’s ballistic woes because the Windy City is to the second amendment what Kelly McGregor is to celibacy. And, to my astonishment, Emerald City media mavens and civic leaders blamed the city’s shootings on gangs rather than, say, “easy access to guns.” According to, Seattle’s po-po didn’t get the memo. “Seattle police officials Tuesday told the City Council that the outbreak of violence through Memorial Day weekend and since the beginning of the year has more to do with guns than with gangs . . .

Deputy Police Chief Nick Metz and Assistant Chief for Operations Paul McDonagh [above] said that while gang activity has played a role in the 20 percent jump in homicides this year, the common denominator is guns.  (More below)

“A person who has a gun is more likely to use a gun,” said Metz after the weekly council briefing.

The police officials outlined plans to curb violence, including an increase in emphasis patrols in areas with high crime and a high number of violent incidents.

So, more police then. Yup that ought to do it. Or not.

Seems the Seattle police are experiencing a little “community outreach issue”—to the point where the Department of Justice is “currently negotiating an agreement with the department over its finding of excessive use of force.” I wonder how that plays out down at the sharp end . . .

“If you punch a kid one day and come to talk with him about what he knows another day, he might not be motivated to help,” [NAACP leader James ] Bible said.

Councilmember Tim Burgess also said that settling the Justice Department’s findings against the police department and implementing recommended reforms was the best way to restore community trust.

“That doesn’t seem to be happening,” he said, alluding to stalled settlement talks between Mayor Mike McGinn’s office and federal officials.

You see what happens when you have an armed police and a disarmed populace? Mexico, Seattle—it’s all the same. When citizens rely on the police for their protection, criminals step in where angels fear to tread. Just saying’ . . .

6 thoughts on “Seattle Police Blame Guns for Gang Shootings

  1. Seems like set up for the anti-gun crowd. This is ongoing and getting very old. You won’t get the people’s guns. however the criminals will keep and get more guns. So concentrate on the criminals not the people that are doing nothing at all wrong.

  2. Guns cause shootings ? Wow, what smart po-pos. In Miami a cop shot a kid 4 times yesterday because he thought he had a small bat and would not put his hands up. In all fairness I don’t have all the facts but 4 times ? For a teen ? Probably justified because kid was black. City of Miami has 7 “bad” shootings (bad means of questionable need) last year. Internal investigations only and independent inquest blocked. Fear cops more than thugs in this town.

  3. Spoons made Rosie O’Donnell fat. The media lies to us for our protection. What a bunch of morons

  4. Illinois wants to impose a “firearm registry,” and 2% excise tax on ammo sales, the proceeds of which would go to finance critical care centers in “disadvantaged neighborhoods.”
    Okay, let’s get this straight, tax the law abiding to pay for the consequences of gang related shootings. Right. But what did you expect from Rahm (“tiny dancer”) Emanual, and his water boy CPD Super, Garry “head up my ass” McCarthy, formerly of Newark, the same Newark under investigation by the DoJ for corruption, brutality and other manner of misconduct on his watch that Garry couldn’t quite get his head around.
    Garry left a sinking ship to apply for asylum in the bastion of corruption that is Chicago.
    The DoJ is giving him a pass for his missteps in Newark; the quid pro quo, “Super Garry” carries the water for the gun grabbers Emanual and Holder. Coming into focus now. The moral coward that is Garry McCarthy, is stumping Cook County on his anti-gun campaign. Hold the press. Super Garry and Tiny Dancer announce a new and improved anti-crime initiative after the Memorial Day carnage. Get this. They’re going to target “gangs.” No shit!

    File: You just can’t make this shit up.

  5. Guns, knives, sticks in the hands of a killer KILL.

  6. I find it strange that the darned .40 Glock that is my constant companion just kind hangs out wherever I go and it just hasn’t killed anybody —- yet. If I were to believe the liberals there would be millions of guns in prison convicted of murder and no people —- the guns did it — all by them selves !!! How long will it be before they decide that knives, forks, and spoons are too dangerous ? I can break a salt shaker and cut a throat with the broken glass . What’s next::: rubber shakers ? I just watched a TV show called ” Gangland ” and I have to wonder just how many of the guns used in gang murders were legally purchased . Maybe Bloomberg should target the gang guns and leave the law abiding citizens alone . I’ll bet NYC gun deaths would take a huge drop . Just a thought .

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