President George W. Bush brings laughter back to the White House

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

There are some touching moments and great cheer at the unveiling ceremony of President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush’s painting to be hung among the United States Presidents in the White House.  IMHO Barack Hussein Obama’s should never be among them.

The footage showing Obama’s need to bring up the killing of Osama and other contentious moments were snuffed by President George W. Bush, with his comment about the first president and the last president both being named George.  Doubtfully W. had no animus in mind, never the less he pulled it off quite well.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.


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2 thoughts on “President George W. Bush brings laughter back to the White House

  1. always smiling stark contrast to the bombhead in thief

  2. President Bush is looking damn good but that ass pit in DC needs to be hung for TREASON along with his suck ups! Sniff, Sniff sniff… Hmmmm still such a stench of Camel Excrement coming from there. We need to lock it up and fumigate it with them in it. Get rid of the cocoroaches and devout scumbags!! I think about a dozen times should just about get the stench of of that putrid gang of Butt licks out of there!! … At LEAST 12 times .. if they cover it up and blast away with the DDT! Flit and anything else they have … if we don’t get them out soon only the Flames will purify it and nothing will purity them!!
    I don’t know .. I was told I am on their hit list already so … What the Hell!!

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