Not Biased? CNN Has Obama Donor Bill Maher Guest Host for Piers Morgan

Comment Buy Jim Campbell

Bill Maher an his entire schtick makes me scratch my head.  He’s obviously an intelligent guy, a comedian adored by the left, since his is still hung up with his hatred to President George W. Bush and can’t seem to get over himself for donating a $million to Obama, perhaps when Obama is kicked to the curb as he will be in November, Maher the anti-capitalist will join him on his trip back to Kenya.  

Media Research Center

The next time CNN denies having any liberal bias, it will have to explain having liberal Obama donor Bill Maher guest-hosting on Friday night during prime-time. Not only is Maher an avowed Obama-supporter, but he has made headlines spewing vitriol against conservative women – and still CNN has made him a welcome guest on multiple occasions.

On Friday’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Maher hosted Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane for a liberal chat where both praised Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) and lauded “great guy” Jimmy Carter, along with slamming the “culture wars” and the “outrage industry” on the right. 

 Audio here.

Maher touted Franken as one of the “funniest senators ever,” and MacFarlane called him a “good guy” and added that “you don’t get a sense that he’s sold out to the machine.” In regards to Jimmy Carter, both adulated him and Maher claimed he “never fired a shot” in office. “[T]here’s an example of guy who — clearly we both have enormous respect for, very religious man,” MacFarlane cooed.


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One thought on “Not Biased? CNN Has Obama Donor Bill Maher Guest Host for Piers Morgan

  1. Poor Maher 1 million dollars and this is what he gets. Sad no one watches CNN why on earth would they. So to me it does not matter at all.

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