Congressman West give the media a political science lesson

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

Perhaps you have seen this last month.  It’s worth another shot.  The only thing the congressman seems to have left out was the progressives sell off or move out of our oil industry to drill of the waters of the Communist led Brazil. 

Unlike the limp wristed cowards of the progressive movement, Congressman West as an Army Ranger and Master Parachutist has earned the right to teach the left about political science. 

He’s been in combat many times, led battalions of men against insurgents and now he must deal with cowards who for the most part have only led their colleagues to the front of the lunch line in the congressional dining hall. 

Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., is not backing down from calling members of the Democrats’ Congressional Progressive Caucus “communists” at a recent fundraiser.

The only concern I have for the congressman is that in the blood sport of politics people can’t deal with someone of his character getting in their races with a reality check. This could keep him from advancing.  As far as an appointed office? How about Secretary of the Army, or the CIA?  Need a person to clean up and clean out Homeland security,  Congressman is the man.

The congressman told Red Alert Politics on April 17, 2012 that he stands by his comments.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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6 thoughts on “Congressman West give the media a political science lesson

  1. He would be the perfect Vice President. He is honest, loves his country, has morals, has integrity. I want him as VP.

  2. I absolutely LOVE Lt. Col. Allen West; honestly, wouldn’t he make the “very best” VP ever? He is sooo “dead on” in his assessments and commentary! He IS “fearless”; he IS an American hero- -he CARES about America – -the “real” state of our nation, the American people AND our Constitution!

  3. Just a PS – -I also believe Lt. Col Allen West would be the “best” president, in this time and place, but he cannot “leap that hurdle” just yet!

  4. Here is a man that speaks a truth unfettered with political correctness, party affiliations,racism or special interest pandering. He can see like many other Americans that have a working brain what is happening in this country, and is not coerced or intimidated by the media, opposing factions or Obamas henchmen.
    When one has documented evidence of this country falling prey to a socialist/communist movement and is ignored by those who have taken an oath to uphold our constitution and protect our liberties, something is very, very wrong!
    They can use Obamas waggling finger of blame to justify their positions for a while, but the truth will bottom them all out. They will find themselves without a job or prospect of one in the future if they dont stand and honor the office they hold with dignity,respect, and step up to the truth and confront their own cowardice, greed and stupidity.
    This nation is in trouble and the shivering morons that are standing by while our faux pas president skims off our liberties and corrupts our constitution with his personal ” communist manifesto,” will, I pray, get their just desserts.
    The celebrities that have endorsed Obama through a need for publicity and ratings may find that America can no longer afford their brand of patriotism.

  5. He is probably to strong and truthful for Romney..not that Romeny is a liar like Obama but West left to his own would not b ack down and right now we need that with Iran.. not many men are like West now days… each generation is getting weaker and weaker.. you can see it without looking hard.

  6. I too hope Romney taps Allen West for VP. Anything to help Obama get reelected.

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