DOE submits Dearborn Public Schools to Arabic Translation

Comments by Jim Campbell

I have two objections to this concept. First it’s being conducted in Dearborn schools meaning CAIR has people there bought and paid for.  Second the program has been put forth by the U.S. Department of Education. 

The Boston Globe

Megan Cavano (left) and MaryKate Hines tackle an exercise in an Arabic class taught by Rabia Mifdal (rear) at Norwell High School. (Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff)  The students are studying Arabic as an elective not by force and brain washing techniques. 

Those that fancy themselves students of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq know full well that the inability to have United States troops fluent in Arabic both speaking and reading led to many unnecessary lost lives as our forces were capable of dealing with both countries militarily but unable to communicate in equally important aftermath of reconstruction.  * We can’t let the absolute ineptness of Rumsfeld and the boy who would be king, Michael Brenner’s ill-fated strategy to seen home 100,000 Iraqi Police, 500,000 of Saddam’s Revolutionary Guard, along with complete deBathification of Saddam’s public workers, put everyone immediately in the unemployment line.  Still armed it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see they would become part of the major force to drive the U.S. effort out of Iraq.  

It would seem now more than ever offering Arabic and Farsi as courses of study would far out way the uselessness of learning Latin. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

by CreepingSharia

Taxpayers must fund translation to Arabic because parents refuse to learn English. via U.S. Education Department Announces Resolution of Dearborn, Mich., Public Schools Civil Rights Investigation | U.S. Department of Education.

The city of Dearborn is the most densely populated Arab community in the United States. Based on the 2010 census, approximately 30,000 of its 100,000 residents are Arab.

  • In the 2010-2011 school year, the district had 19,118 students.
  • Half of the district’s 30 schools have a majority Arabic student population.
  • 60 percent of the students (11,753) are EL; 11,240 (95.6 percent) of them identified their home language as Arabic.
  • The remaining 513 EL students (4.4 percent) represented 46 other home languages, including Urdu, Spanish, Albanian and Romanian. These students were enrolled in schools throughout the district.

The U.S. Department of Education announced today that its Office for Civil Rights has entered into a resolution agreement with the Dearborn, Mich., Public Schools to resolve a proactive enforcement action initiated at the district in April 2010.

Following an investigation, OCR found that the district did not meet the requirements of civil rights laws in providing national origin-minority, limited English proficient (LEP) parents with meaningful access to important information about their children’s education in a language they can understand. The district did not adequately notify LEP parents of important school-related information that is made available to non-LEP parents. In addition, OCR found that the district denied English language learner (EL) students, on the basis of their national origin, access to the district’s nonacademic and extracurricular programs, services and activities, such as guidance and counseling services.

The agreement is intended to resolve those concerns.

“Like many districts throughout the country with diverse populations, Dearborn faces a real challenge of ensuring meaningful communication with parents of limited English proficiency, while also ensuring equal access for all English language learner students to the programs, services and activities provided by their schools,” said Russlynn Ali, assistant secretary for the Office for Civil Rights. “We appreciate the district’s cooperation with OCR to identify the steps necessary to address these challenges for its LEP parents and EL students.”

Under the agreement, the district will:

  • Revise its home language survey to ensure that it accurately identifies all of the LEP parents in the district needing language assistance;
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive, written plan to provide language assistance services to LEP parents that ensures that they have meaningful access to the district’s programs and activities; the plan will include providing interpreting and translation services for LEP parents for all non-English languages (this could include the use of various services, such as onsite translators/interpreters, telephonic translators/interpreters, and effective translation programs);
  • Develop and implement a process for notifying EL students about the availability of nonacademic and extracurricular programs, services and activities, such as guidance and counseling services;
  • Conduct an annual evaluation of the effectiveness of its language assistance services for LEP parents; and,
  • Develop and implement procedures to ensure that EL students receive special education and related services as appropriate to their disabilities, if any, and not because of their English language proficiency.

OCR will actively monitor the district’s implementation of the resolution agreement until it has determined that the district has fulfilled the terms of the agreement and is in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Title VI prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin in all programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. Likewise, Section 504 bars discrimination on the basis of disability, and Title II outlaws discrimination on the basis of disability by public entities in all programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance.


5 thoughts on “DOE submits Dearborn Public Schools to Arabic Translation

  1. Knowledge of Latin makes learning a whole family of Western languages all the easier. The only thing ever originally written in Arabic was the Koran, and we all know THAT is just sugar-coated Hate Literature (“Kill the Unfaithful whenever and wherever you find them” – Surah 2:196, etc)

    If somebody in government (federal or state) needs to speak weird languages they can easily learn it at the Language School located at Monterrey California.

    • Got to disagree amigo, Arabic is written all over the place. As I stated it was problematic in our efforts early on in the war not having. If that were the case and I believe the language school has been shut down, along with Letterman Hospital and the entire base, why were we ill prepared? Who sifts through the written and computerized intel that we grab? Also, I sailed along just fine 31 years of Medicine never needed Latin. WAFTAM…

  2. I do not think this should be taught in any US school. The tax payers pay the salaries and for the school and this is not what I want to see at all. Yes someone has to learn this fine learn it in college as a entire course that you chose to take. Not one forced on kids this is just wrong.

  3. The U.S. Congress and the Board of Education and Governors of each state must stop accepting donations from the Muslims such to change America’s public schools into their schools! These are U.S. public schools and parents pay to have their kids taught English and U.S. History – as more Americans are being sent to jail for speaking out – Tune in every Wed. – 4-5 pm- (pdt-usa) – for Rose Colombo’s World Views – Mel Novak on 6/13 – Inside Prison Walls –

  4. As soon as we get the impostor out of the oval office, let’s “clean out” the city of Dearborn!

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