This just in from Mooshell’s fat farm

Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

News for Mayor Bloomberg and your sugar police….Mochell is dissing you!

It would seem that if Mooch cared about children and their weight she might consider following her own plan and not be such a horrible example. 

You go girl and take the Kenyan with you!

Let’s be clear, this has nothing to do with eating well but everything to do with control.  It’s no different from Obama care in that fashion.  What’s next mandatory P.T. at 3:AM?

We must resist anymore of the progressive warped plans to control our lives.  Doubt the hypocrisy? Don’t miss the video below.

The Daily Caller

By Caroline May

The marketing agency that worked on first lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign to combat childhood obesity is now pushing a sugary drink on teens.

SS+K, boasts on its website that “we worked with Michelle Obama and her childhood obesity initiative, helping guide the research, shape the initiative and we gave it its name and identity.”

In late May, Kraft announced that it had partnered with SS+K to promote its new, sugary “Capri Sun Big Pouch.”

The new, limited-time “Capri Sun Big Pouch” product contains 33 grams of sugar and is meant for teens ages 14-17, Bridget MacConnell, senior manager of corporate affairs at Kraft Foods, told The Daily Caller.

The 11.2 ounce pouch is 10 percent juice.

The United States Department of Agriculture does not offer sugar intake recommendations, however, John Webster, director of public affairs at the USDA’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, told The Daily Caller that, this summer, the agency is promoting water over sugary beverages.

( How special we need a taxpayer fed agency to tell us to drink water? WTF?)

“Our key selected message for the May to August time-frame is ‘drink water instead of sugary drinks,’” he said.

“When you go to the Dietary Guidelines, they recommend that everybody from age 2 and up should consume fruits each day and in that case it is two cups. Fruit juice counts,” Webster added. “We recommend that people get most of their fruit consumption from whole fruit but a fruit drink will suffice — but it’s got to be 100 percent [juice].”

While the USDA does not have guidelines for sugar consumption, the American Heart Association does provide recommendations for healthy sugar intake.

“The AHA recommendations for added sugars vary from 5 teaspoons per day (or 80 calories) for a daily energy expenditure of 1800 calories for an average adult woman and 9 teaspoons per day (or 144 calories) for a daily energy expenditure of 2200 calories for an average adult man,” Matthew Fisher, communications manager for the American Heart Association, wrote the TheDC in an email. “For reference, one 12-ounce can of cola contains about 8 teaspoons of added sugar, for about 130 calories.”

According to WebMD “One teaspoon of granulated sugar equals four grams of sugar,” therefore AHA allows an average adult woman to have 20 grams of sugar daily and the average adult male to consume 36 grams of sugar daily. SS+K’s new project product contains 33 grams of sugar in a single pouch.

“For children it is based on total caloric intake and recommendations from the parent’s physician,” Fisher added.

SS+K’s online campaign to promote the “larger version of the classic childhood drink” is centered on a new video — currently posted at the “Capri Sun Goes Big” Facebook page — in which a regular sized Capri Sun aggressively expands into the new jumbo pack.


“This is not a product directed toward children 12 or under, this is really for older kids 14-17. While some younger kids may ask for it, any media communication that we are going to be running would be directed to kids 14 and older,” MacConnell added.

The new drink comes in three flavors: Fruit Punch, Maui Cooler and Strawberry Kiwi. Capri Sun does have 100 percent juice options.

Last week the first lady cheered Disney’s announcement that it will ban ads for junk food on its websites, television and radio stations. Included in that ban is Capri Sun.

SS+K did not respond to request for comment, nor did the first lady’s press office.

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5 thoughts on “This just in from Mooshell’s fat farm

  1. ever see her pregnant? me either.. why is that? where are the photos? how about wedding pictures other than the ”one” of just the two of them??? yea.. me either.. is mooch a transgenered maled? I think there is a chance she was a morphadite or something wierd.. she doesn’t act or look like a woman…

  2. Jewel….

    You just might be onto something there! Michelle is a popular name for males who have had a sex change…..sorry to any women whose parents picked that name for them….no offense meant.

  3. Michelle “the moocher” is an hippo in disguise.

  4. With the backside this women carriers around she has no room to talk, Makes me sick she is using food as her weapon. What a hypicrit she is. Can’t wait to have this disfunctional couple out of the White House.

  5. Who better to warn of dangers of sugar consumption and overeating than the” junk in the truck” mamma? However, her programs would carry a little more validity and merit if she had lost a few of those cellulite lumps and fatty pouches extruding from her expanding backside in the last 4 years.
    I saw her on the Ellen show doing her style of pushups. They were half ass lazy attempts. One is supposed to be able to touch your nose on the ground area before lifting your body upward and her nose was higher than Ellens head as they were side by side on the floor doing them together. Another example of her” do as I say, not as I do” behavior.
    She probably needs another vacation on the taxpayer cuff before she can pull herself together. Maybe to some exotic place with a lot of humidity and 2,000 dollar a night hotel rooms for her and the secret service agents, her 25 personal servants and her daughters (aka staff admin to get a freebee vacation on us).
    She can come back all sweaty wearing her JC Penny frocks to show us how frugal she is after spending 3 million on a vacation.
    Even if this man loses big time in the next election, he will collect almost 500,000 a year for the rest of his life from the bank of the United States. Sad, isnt it?

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