What the Secret Service thought about Past President’s and First Ladies

 Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist
Some came to serve, some be served and some came to party, None the less we must never forget with get the elected officials we deserve.  Voting is a right, and ill-informed voter doesn’t take that right seriously.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.
From the Secret Service/Very interesting snippets from Ronald Kessler’s book about our presidents
Here are snippets from a book of “Impressions & Observations” of Secret Service personnel assigned to guard U.S. Presidents/First Ladies, and Vice Presidents.
*A philanderer of the highest order. *
*She ordered the kitchen help to save all the left-over wine during a State dinner, mixed it with fresh wine and served again during the next White House occasion.*
*Another philanderer of the highest order. In addition, LBJ was as crude as the day is long. Both JFK and LBJ kept a lot of women in the White House for extramarital affairs, and both had set up “early warning systems” to alert them if/when their wives were nearby. Both Kennedy & Johnson were promiscuous and oversexed men. *
*She was either naive or just pretended to “not know” about her husband’s many liaisons. *
*A “moral” man but very odd, weird, paranoid, etc. He had horrible relationship with his family, and in a way, was almost a recluse.*
*She was quiet most of the time.*
* Nice, decent man, everyone in the Secret Service was surprised by his downfall. *
*A true gentlemen who treated the Secret Service with respect and dignity. He had a great sense of humor. *
*She drank a lot!*
*A complete phony who would portray one picture of himself to public and very different in private, e..g., would be shown carrying his own luggage, but the suitcases were always empty; he kept the empty ones just for photo ops. Wanted the people to see him as pious and a non-drinker, but he and his family drank alcohol a lot!  He had disdain for the Secret Service, and was very irresponsible with the “football” with nuclear codes.  He didn’t think it was a big deal and would keep military aides at a great distance. Often did not acknowledge the presence of Secret Service personnel assigned to serve him.*
*She mostly did her own thing.*
*The real deal — moral, honest, respectful, and dignified. They treated Secret Service and everyone else with respect and honor. Thanked everyone all the time. He took the time to know everyone on a personal level. * One “favorite” story that has circulated among the Secret Service personnel was an incident early in his Presidency, when he came out of his room with a pistol tucked on his hip. The agent in charge asked: “Why the pistol, Mr. President” He replied, “In case you boys can’t get the job done, I can help.” It was common for him to carry a pistol. When he met with Gorbachev, he had a pistol in his briefcase. Upon learning that Gary Hart was caught with Donna Rice, Reagan said, “Boys will be boys, but boys will not be Presidents.” [He obviously either did not know or forgot JFK’s and LBJ’s sexcapades!]*
*She was very nice but very protective of the President; and the Secret Service was often caught in the middle. She tried hard to control what the President ate, and he would say to the agent, “Come on, you gotta help me out.” The Reagans drank wine during State dinners and special occasions only; otherwise, they shunned alcohol; the Secret Service could count on one hand the times they were served wine during their “family dinner”. For all the fake bluster of the Carters, the Reagans were the ones who lived life as genuinely moral people.*
*Extremely kind and considerate Always respectful. Took great care in making sure the agents’ comforts were taken care of. They even brought them meals, etc. One time Barbara Bush brought warm clothes to agents standing outside at Kennebunkport; one agent was given a warm hat, and when he tried to nicely say “no thanks” even though he was obviously freezing, President Bush said “Son, don’t argue with the First Lady, put the hat on.” He was the most prompt of the Presidents. He ran the White House like a well-oiled machine.*
*She ruled the house and spoke her mind.*
*Presidency was one giant party. Not trustworthy — he was nice mainly because he wanted everyone to like him, but to him life is just one big game and party. Everyone knows of his sexuality.*
*She is another phony. Her personality would change the instant cameras were near. She hated with open disdain the military and Secret Service. She was another one who felt people were there to serve her. She was always trying to keep tabs on Bill Clinton.*
* An egotistical ass, who was once overheard by his Secret Service detail lecturing his only son that he needed to do better in school or he “would end up like these guys” — pointing to the agents.*
*The Secret Service loved him and Laura Bush. He was also the most physically “in shape” who had a very strict workout regimen. The Bushes made sure their entire administrative and household staff understood they were to respect and be considerate of the Secret Service.
*She was one of the nicest First Ladies, if not the nicest; she never had any harsh word to say about anyone.*
*KARL ROVE was in fact, though, the guy who was the most caring of the Secret Service in the administration.*
*” Clinton all over again” – hates the military and looks down on the Secret Service. He is egotistical and cunning; looks you in the eye and appears to agree with you, but turns around and does the opposite — untrustworthy. He has temper tantrums.*
*She is a complete bitch, who basically hates anybody who is not black; hates the military; and looks at the Secret Service as servants.*
A taxpayer voting for Obama is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders.



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27 thoughts on “What the Secret Service thought about Past President’s and First Ladies

  1. I have had the Secret Service visit me about my outspokenness regarding Obama. Obama is a usurper, he has entered the Office of the Presidency by fraudulent means and without legal authority. That makes Obama a SPY under the UCMJ at Section 906, Article 106. The secret service is risking their lives daily for a tratitor of the American people. As a Spy and a traitor,Obama faces the death penalty,if convicted. Obama has never been the bona-fides President. There is NO “President” Obama:
    See also: “El Usurpator” and 18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381

    • Sounds like you’re doing something right if you’re getting visits from those people. :D Totally agree with you and everyone should be so openly outraged we have a rat in the White House. Security FAIL!

  2. Obama is a Criminal.

  3. I used to have a friend who was Secret Service back in the 70’s and 80’s. His characterizations of Carter and Reagan were exactly the same as in this article.

  4. Earth To Brian:
    When one resorts to the likes of Snopes or truth or fiction for your knowledge base, you show that you are a woeful researcher. I didn’t write the book the Service Officer Did. Whom am I to believe the officer or you? At ease.

    This list is old, and some of these are false, particularly the Obama one.


  5. I have read autobiographies of Presidents back to Eisenhauer – everything he said is right on from what I have read. Nobody needs to read a biography of the Imposter & his wife to know she is a selfish rotten to the core lying bitch! …. and YES I am a Christian. And no I’m not a racist. Truth is Truth.

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  7. WEIRD, all the democrats have disgusting reviews! This isn’t biased or anything (OBVIOUSLY IS!) This website is disgusting and hurtful. I can tell how unintelligent these people are by having to use derogatory terminology to express their views on how someone is. How about if you don’t like someone don’t say anything at all? This website is full of lies and you should all be ashamed of yourselves to stoop to such a low disgusting level as calling people ‘assholes’ and ‘bitches’, HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR YOUR COUNTRY!!!!

    • I guess Your a Lberal? Sounds Accurate UNLESS YOU Live by Our HONEST MEDIA! LOL I have Yet to See or Hear ANYTHING OBAMA IS S NOT PROTRAYED IN A NEGATIVE LIGHT. BUSH, CLINTON, REAGAN, AND ETC at least They Could be Considered and Debate the Issuses. Obama NEVER WILL HE CONTROLS THE MEDIA!! FYI, I would have in the Past would Voted for Collin Powell. I Believe back the He has Intergity n Grew Up with The Same Struggles n Hardship as The Average Population.

  8. Very interesting and what I thought

  9. Patsie Patsie Patsie, the voice of reason checking in and it’s J.C.

    Anybody that hasn’t been sleeping under a rock the past 4o years knows that this is how they were treated. Go see the Butler for a vision of history you can live with. Come back here if you have something meaningful to add.

    Obviously the author is a Republican….That’s pretty clear. If you were truly Secret Service, you shouldn’t have disgraced your post, even if half of it was true, which I am sure is biased and prejudice.

  10. This information is spot on the money.
    You’re so interesting! I don’t bbelieve I’ve read anything like this before.
    So good to find somebodcy with unique thoughts on this subject matter.
    Seriously.. thank you for starting this up.

    This site is one thing thjat is requuired on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!

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