Vegas Betting Odds 2012 United States Presidential Election

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

As the author indicates it’s only June and Romney is closing the gap. 

Look for Obama to go down in a landslide in November.  Vegas odds on this election mean nothing.  All politics as the saying goes is local, and one can’t get more local than a person’s wallet and their butt. 

Obama’s policies have put America on the edge of the economic abyss, it won’t be gamblers  and odds makers voting it will be We The People and we will be kicking the fool to the curb. Bet on it.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

On November 6th, 2012, the 57th presidential race will culminate with voters running to the polls to cast their vote for who will be the next president. To coincide with this presidential race, 2012 Presidential Betting Odds have been issued to give bettors or the politically minded the ability to place money on who they think will succeed in the running. Many of the online sportsbooks out there are currently holding odds on who is going to win this election, with some surprising and not so surprising names on the ticket. Some money can definitely be won from Political Betting Odds, though bettors will have to go into this election with enough knowledge of the process and candidates in order to win some money.

New: In recent developments, the Republican Party (Romney) is making up ground on the Democrats (Obama) in latest odds to win the 2012 General Election. Just a few weeks ago, the Democrats were steadily holding control of the race at -175 but have since slipped down to -155 while the Republicans have had an equal shift but in the opposite direction (+145 to +125). Still, there is a sizeable margin between the two parties but then again, it’s only June and there are still 5 months to go until anything is decided. Keep checking back for more odds.

Screenshot Of Bovada Presidential Betting Odds As Of June 7th, 2012 – Click Image To Visit Political Betting Odds At Bovada

Bet on Political Betting Odds at Bovada - Click Here To BetTrust the screen shot in the past two weeks would look much worse if it were available.

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19 thoughts on “Vegas Betting Odds 2012 United States Presidential Election

  1. So you want to have diner with The President and The First Lady for a lousy $3.00 entrance fee and hopefully you win in the straw pull. Think again! It will cost you about $560.00 on your income tax at the end of the year. You are not being told the consequences of this diner and its cost(s) to you!

  2. Vegas oddsmaking hasn’t been that accurate ever since Jimmy the Greek was run out of the business of nor being PC.

  3. Would anyone in their “right mind” even want to have dinner with those two??

  4. I regret that I stumbled upon this shameless and disgusting website.

    • yea Margaret mayfield, I kida regret you stumbled up it also. Would you like me to write about needle point or the proper way to wear your depends, good God woman lighten up…

  5. Idiotic banter does not a Presidential victory make.

  6. this is an sample of what people in the dull normal range can do if left unsupervised.

  7. czei, exactly — and just think how much more damage Romney could have done if he continued to serve as Governor, let alone CEO of business destruction. He did plenty of damage (or as he puts it “success”) in the private sector as a professional ‘company bundler / pink-slip handler’. Ever see the classic comedy movie “Office Space”? The company “Bain Capital” – which was a no-risk gift to Romney from the “Bain & Company” CEO (Mr Bain) – was exactly what you saw in that movie. Business ‘consultants’ come in like a sh*t-storm, and through the course of a few interviews and audits, determine how best to fire americans in the interest of maximizing corporate/shareholder profits. “Screw the average worker, all hail the executives!” I’ve seen it happen to companies I worked for, and while I always survived the ‘gutting process’, they ALWAYS made things worse with respect to keeping the business alive & profitable LONG TERM.

  8. Obviously you are naive to believe what you hear. Instead you should investigate the Obama lifestyle and ask why you should vote for someone who has deceived. He obviously is not giving access to his grades bec. they were bad. Romney graduated with honors and acheived a MBA and legal degree simutaneously.Now Obama’s mentor while Romney was doing missionary work was Davis a card carrying communist . Read his book. He reports how he was on drugs and alcohol. I am a college grad. No one with this lack of discipline gets a degree. Obvious.y Harvard who likes to accept the out of the ordinary accepted him on affirmative action.Obama has been mentored since the age of 9 by Davis. Probably gets his ideas from him and another friend Saul O. wrote the rules for radicals. He also received financial support from a convicted felon who currently is incarcerated and made what some consider an unethical real estate deal for O. to buy his house. Finally his campaing manage I like to call Mr. “Fluff” just received a 1/2 mil $ from Iran. Now how do you like his style. In the meantime Mr. Romeny gave and help many people who were financially in need in his church and Got many companies back in business. He may have had to lay off some. Would you preferred that the company went bankrupt and they all lost their job. This is the way of business. You must make hard choices. Mr. O just keeps bowing to the enemy and giving Russia a chance to control eastern Europe . Ask the Polish and Germans in winter how the Russians turned off the gas line to their country . O’s buddy R. Emanuell sent a dead fish to a congressman and thumbed his nose at Bush during the inauguration. Are these the people you want running your country. I can go on more with the economic crisis. In 2001 Bush warned B. Frank about Fannie Mae and the banks. It was ignored. Clinton, Frank and Carter pushed to get people who could not afford a home to buy one as a way to buy votes. It is called the Real Estate Reinvestment Act. That was the beginning of the end and finalized by the Dodd-Frank bill. There is a whole lot more and you need to educate yourself.

  9. Vegas odds (especially in the two horse race that happens only once every 4 years) are driven in good part by Lloyds and a few other insurance houses who are gearing up for another 4 of Obama – you don’t think Vegas Presidential election odds are driven by public perception or polls do you? If that were the case the odds would be even, yes? The factors that weigh in (and have been way for the 2012 US Presidential election February of this year) have not been wrong in 40 years. You all have another 4 of Obama, sorry to say. Oh and Jimmy, don’t quit your day job.

    • Yo Barney: Did it occur to you to look at when those odds were given? What were the Odds that Carter would beat Reagan starting with a 25 point lead?

      More important are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? I am.

  10. There is a god above! JC, what insight – NO! What sh_t for brains!!!!!!

  11. Ooops! Not being fearful or hostile, I must be in the wrong place. Carry on but don’t point those things at people and try to lighten up a bit so as not to make us white folks look like whiny wusses. And remember what mama always said, “camo is never fashionable when combined with fiction-based paranoia”.

  12. gin, please step away from the crack pipe!

  13. how double you feel about it as of today??? lol

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