Once again Feinstein shows her colors favors environmentalists over people in a scam

Cadiz Water Grab Meets With Significant Opposition

By Steve Brown

The Cadiz desert water mining project is pointing a finger at alleged misrepresentations by a “shadowy operative,” and stating the project will not harm, nor irreperably harm the desert environment.  We, and many others, disagree.

But the National Parks Conservation Association is hardly a shadowy operative, and it has been joined by a broad range of organizations concerned about the environmental implications of the project.  Indeed, the Center for Biological Diversity, the NPCA, the California Wilderness Coalition, the San Bernardino Valley Audobon Society, the Sierra Club Desert Committee, the Mojave Desert Land Trust, the Sierra Club (national), the Morongo Basin Conservation Association, the Defenders of Wildlife, the Desert Tortoise Council, the Sierra Club San Gorgonio Chapter, the Southern California Watershed Alliance, the Desal Response Group, and Desert Survivors joined together to file a 78 page comment on the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery, and Storage Project Draft Environmental Impact Report.

“The DEIR for the Proposed Project falls woefully short of meeting the core requirementsof CEQA. We also have serious concerns about the Proposed Project’s potential to degradefederally protected National Park Service (“NPS”) and BLM lands, and the region’s fragile desert ecosystem. Unfortunately, these concerns remain largely invisible in the DEIR,” the comments from these organizations begin in a recent document.

See entire article here

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2 thoughts on “Once again Feinstein shows her colors favors environmentalists over people in a scam

  1. She, Fenstein is just your typical left wing smear merchant who panders to the left all the time for a vote while getting rich for retirement. After retirement, you never hear from them again! Some fine people there!

  2. Feinstein’s opposition to the Cadiz water mining project doesn’t have diddly squat to do with natural gas, as the paragraph inserted into my story asserts. It has to do with draining a desert aquifer to sell water to Orange County. The fact that Feinstein favors not destroying the desert so that folks in OC can have more water to waste stupidly on watering lawns and golf courses doesn’t pit her against people – in fact the people out here who LIVE in the desert, actually appreciate the stand she’s taken here. The Cadiz water mining project stands to destroy the sources of water for wildlife here, which stands to not only damage our wildlife, but our tourism industry as well. So, unless we are not people, Feinstein is absolutely siding with people. As the author of the story you have posted WITHOUT permission here, I object to your title and misrepresentation of the story. I don’t mind if you object to Feinstein’s policies overall – I just don’t appreciate you misrepresenting the story, and her position here.

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