Want to See an Apparently Drunk Heckler Call Allen West a ‘Mother F***er’ and Give Awful History Lesson on Conservatism?

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Ode to Cranky Boomer, Don’t read this until your Depends arrive.

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Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

Always the crowd pleaser, Congressman Allen West did not let his constituents down during the Fourth of July.

This is a twofer…..You get to see a fool make a complete fool of himself and the congressman explain again why there are communists in congress.  As he told the questioner, it’s time to call a spade a spade and outlined chapter and verse the communist nonsense under the name of the progressive movement has been pulled on our country, since the time of Woodrow Wilson.  By far, Obama the worst “resident” in U.S. History was groomed to bring our country around.  That will not happen with men of Allen West’s caliber being a leader. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

A seemingly intoxicated heckler holding a beer flipped off Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) before calling him a “bought mother f***er” in front of women and children following West‘s recitation of the Declaration of Independence during the city of Delray Beach’s 4th of July celebration.

West had just shook the hand of a man holding a small child and was preparing to do an interview with a local TV station when the man had his outburst. Not surprisingly, the man was completely alone in his protest.

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself,” the man says. “You’re a bought mother f***er.”

“Oh, wow. That’s very nice language,” West replied.

The Shark Tank, a conservative Florida blog, captured the incident on camera and caught up with the man, referred to as the “angry man with the Miller Lite,” and let him explain why he is so upset with Allen West.

Then absolute hilarity ensued. ( more below)

“He’s just bought,” the man said. “By poli — big government, just bought.”

The man argued he didn’t represent any organization and identified himself unconvincingly as an Independent.

“And you‘re not going to show this because I’m showing…” he started.

“I am going to show this, absolutely,” Shark Tank’s Javier Manjarres said from behind the camera. “I’ll give you a card, you’ll see it tonight.”

The “angry man with the Miller Lite” looked shocked and stared blankly at the camera for about five seconds before the wheels in his head started turning. ”Who are you filming for?” he asked.

The Shark Tanks

By Javier Manjarres

After finishing his recitation of the Declaration of Independence during the city of Delray Beach’s Independence Day festivities, Congressman Allen West was verbally accosted  in front of a small group of constituents and media. West was just about to speak with a local TV station when he was interrupted by the lone detractor that seemed to have had one too many Miller Lites.

The individual flipped West the bird, and told him that he was a  ”bought Mother F*cker.” We stopped the guy and asked him why he had to use foul language in front of women and children.

He then proceeding to try to say that conservatism was the root cause of slavery and women’s suffrage.  Towards the end of the impromptu interview, we discovered that he is a ‘Bible Man’, citing the Bible and accusing yours truly of not reading the Bible, all while flipping me the bird. This video is priceless!

Conservatism has its basis in going against women’s suffrage it took the liberals to push that, it took the Liberals to push the anti-slavery…”-Angry Man with the Miller Lite

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6 thoughts on “Want to See an Apparently Drunk Heckler Call Allen West a ‘Mother F***er’ and Give Awful History Lesson on Conservatism?

  1. Luckest man alive………………..God looks out for Fools.
    Dear God please take a Day off

  2. This guy is wasted, he is absolutely incoherent and without substance, but it’s what we see in all these idiots and struggle with daily, and he is as queer as they come, an idiot!

  3. Now there is a full frontal view of an Obama supporter!

  4. It really doesn’t matter if they are drunk, sober, stoned, whatever, all they know is lib talking points and have no idea about anything except what they are told. Just basic common sense should make them a little more informed, but no, it’s too much trouble. Geeesh!

  5. Reblogged this on Mitt Romney an American for President 2012 and commented:
    What a FOOL this man made of himself!! He doesn’t even know what a Conservative stands for. I am a Conservative, and I believe in “good old fashioned” manners, integrity, small government, less regulation, equality for all! I don’t give a damn who you want to have sex with or marry! Conservatives are anti-socialism, anti-communism, anti-marxists, anti-islamic terrorists! We are for the rule of law.

  6. Why don’t you try something novel and make some sense? Back up your allegations, The depends just came in so they are coming your way, remember Shit Happens…

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