Senator Feinstein won’t debate GOP opponent Elizabeth Emken

by Joe Garofoli

The San Francisco Chronicle

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, the dilemma of a has been U.S. Senator.

Of course Dianne Feinstein won’t debate Elizabeth Emken.  The contrast between the two could not be greater.  Feinstein represents what is wrong with America and is indicative why Californians are still unemployed while businesses are leaving the state and the country as the result of her lack of understanding on the relationship between taxation and growth.

Elizabeth Emken, lacking name recognition would mop the floor with the 79-year old senator.  In a debate what could Feinstein possibly say to back up her reprehensible record on increasing taxes, the recent earmark grab for her bullet train to nowhere, and her constant and never-ending attack on the Second Amendment.

Feinstein is old and tired, Elizabeth is young and attractive, understanding economics and how to get the country and state moving in a positive direction.

The debates that Senator Feinstein runs from are understandable in that they would pit “Good vs. Evil.”  Dianne Feinstein the ceremonial seat holder in her attempt to squeeze a fifth term out of the taxpayer.

Please click here to join Elizabeth on the road to victory.

Elizabeth Emken is the perfect replacement for the aging Feinstein.  Elizabeth served in management, financial analysis, and corporate operations at IBM. As an efficiency and cost cutting expert, Elizabeth utilized activity-based cost analyses to identify administrative savings across IBM U.S. – helping streamline operations, eliminate waste, and save the company millions of dollars.

Elizabeth graduated from UCLA in 1984 with degrees in Economics and Political Science. Her studies included course work at Cambridge University, where she focused on political and economic issues in China and the Middle East.

Danville autism advocate Elizabeth Emken threw out a classic underdog’s challenge Monday to Sen. Dianne Feinstein: Let’s debate. You know, a bunch of them all over the state, from San Diego to San Francisco to the Central Valley. Just you, me and a bunch of TV cameras and reporters. ( Trust that journalist Garofoli was talking tongue in cheek. I know her she has class, I’ve seen the letter in his article below, like Elizabeth it had class.

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One thought on “Senator Feinstein won’t debate GOP opponent Elizabeth Emken

  1. It’s just amazing that these old frauds keep getting reelected!

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