At what point may a line be drawn where those employed by the government as teachers stop making political statements?

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot

Perhaps due to our First Amendment which I believe in completely with the exception of burning the U.S. Flag, thank you ACLU, it will never happen.

Yesterday I saw a guy get out of his car at the super market touting this bumper sticker on the back window of his Prius.

Exercising my First Amendment Right I decided if I could go carpe diem on him.   I began with sir “may I ask you a question,” he stopped and said, “what,”” I replied “Is that’s your wife’s Prius, how does she like it? ” He said, I It was his.”

I then asked what it was he liked about the current administration and what was his opinion about the way the president was handling things and did he really want him for another 4 yeas?”  He replied, “of course.” to which I replied, “Can you tell me how he has made our country better when he has met few if any of his goals on job creation, unemployment, and the worst recession since the Great Depression?”

Imagine my shock when he said,”I don’t talk politics with strangers.”  That would include anyone with a functioning brain.

As  he began to scamper  away, I said I believe you should not be a teacher, you are gutless and too ignorant to teach.

In closing let me be clear, I have a strong affection for teachers, one turned my live around and another I’ve loved for so many years.

Teachers, union members private sector employes, performance will resemble the excellent, the mediocre, and the woeful.  The difference in the private sector, under performers can easily be terminated when proper procedures are followed.  Those backed by the union label, in in the case of teachers with tenure, it’s a lot different story.

Truthfully they are products of the unions they must join, and tend to vote the party line isn’t that correct Ms. Oregon? None the less I was compelled to return home to make the bumper sticker below.  Think about it, makes sense doesn’t it?

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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4 thoughts on “At what point may a line be drawn where those employed by the government as teachers stop making political statements?

  1. It is all about unions. They have done well is brainwashing the teachers into thinking their way is the right way. What they aren’t seeing is all the corrupt work they do, the dues they steal and spend worse than the government. Unions had a place awhile ago,, today I beleive people are strong enough to maintain there jobs with performance and true grit.

  2. My ex was a principal and before that a teacher . I’ve heard her say more things about the some of the professionals since she got out than I have did before . As with every profession , you’ll have dead wood and right beside them some really dedicated-to-the-kids teachers . Very sadly there is something called tenure that protects the dead wood and of course the unions .

  3. Never did like unions telling me what to do although I think there was a reason and purpose back in the 60’s that teachers needed unions to establish rights, protocols, and protection in the work place.

    • Thanks you Miss Julie, as public sector pension funds are crashing an burning across the country with unfunded liabilities, that will never be met, one must ask the serious question should a government run enterprise be allowed to have unions messing up the situation? Of course they get better pay, than private sector employees with the same educational experience. Is it all for naught if the are told by their local governments sorry to tell you this but, you are getting nothing for retirement or a medical plan. Just as unions have destroyed the competition among auto makers vs counter parts abroad, the same can be said for education. In the private sector you don’t meet expectations you are gone, why should tax payers pay for failed schools, with slothful teachers with tenure at the low end. My suggestion, abolish the department of Education, do away with tenure, and pay teachers more to attract the best and the brightest into the profession. What say you Miss Julie, I’m Jim and I run this circus. Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts.

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