The importance of a Romney win combined with Republicans taking back the U.S. Senate

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Has the reader grown tired hearing about the “Do nothing Republican Congress?’  It’s time for a wake up call to those that get their daily dose of “news” from the media by TV. 

Congress is responsible for funding legislation, then it  goes to the Senate where at the hands of the obstreperous Harry Reid (D-NV),  The Senate Majority Leader allows the proposed legislation  to die a silent death never making it to the Senate floor.

In four years in a row, the U.S. Senate has failed to submit a budget that President Obama would sign. 

This November it is time to rid the United States of failed leadership that desires only to raise taxes and increase the bloated federal government that desires to create a welfare state with new leadership.

Republicans running for office have pledged to cut spending, reducing failed programs, repeal Obama’s health care denial and rationing program with one that creates that relies upon the private sector to get the job done at significantly less cost while covering the same objectives.

Republicans will create an environment for job creation, and businesses to return back to the country from overseas.  

At the present time what do we have?  Taxation “Without Representation,”    America deserves more.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

By Michael Gaynor

It is vital that Mitt Romney beat Barack Obama, but that will not be enough.

Voters also must elect a Congress that help Romney will undo the damage done during the Age of Obama and put America back on the path to prosperity through limited government and the possibilities of freedom.

By 2010 disillusioned voters who had believed in 2008 that choosing the self-proclaimed candidate of “hope and change” would mean change for the better learned that they had been gulled and responded by returning control of the House of Representatives to the Republicans and cutting down the Democrat majority in the Senate.  See entire article below

This year, with Obama heading the Democrat ticket, continued Republican control of the House and a return to Republican control of the Senate are anticipated.


But a Republican Congress must not be taken for granted and it matters very much not only how big the Republican majorities will be, but which Republican candidates are elected.

As usual, Democrats are running on the phony “Republican war of women” charge and thus it behooves Republicans across the country to refute it by running and electing highly qualified women, especially to the United States Senate.

Fortunately, that opportunity already is available in key Senate races in New York, Nebraska, New Mexico, and California, and perhaps will be available in other states too.

In California, child advocate and businesswoman Elizabeth Emken is challenging Senator Diane Feinstein. Emken is committed to reducing the size and cost of government, reducing the publicly held debt and lowering taxes. Feinstein was an essential vote for Obamacare.

Emken would have voted against Obamacare and support its repeal, despite the fact that it contains a very important provision for which she was a leading advocate, ending insurance marketplace discrimination against people with autism.

Emken believes that (1) health insurance should be portable and individuals should be able to control what’s in their benefit package, (2) the role of government is to establish a set of fair insurance marketplace rules, and then serve as an honest referee, and government run healthcare is not the solution, and (3) consumers must be more directly involved in decisions about their healthcare services to provide the market forces that will drive down costs that are presently skewed by government intervention in the healthcare system.

Feinstein is not as radical as Gillibrand, but an Emken victory send a loud message heard across America.

Bottom line: All Americans have an interest in who is elected to Congress, not merely those living in a particular state or Congressional district, and should support the candidates who support their values and will help Romney do what needs to be done, for America’s sake.

Michael J. Gaynor (See entire article here with other Republican’s poised for a victory lap)

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3 thoughts on “The importance of a Romney win combined with Republicans taking back the U.S. Senate

  1. The flip flopping Romney is not electable_Romney is just another Obama of different color. Ron Paul is the next President of the United States.

    • Yep and you are having an LSD flash back. Attention all lovers of Ron Paul, agree he has some good ideas, but he comes off like a whiny old woman, most of is agenda is idiotic. Remember a vote for Paul is a vote for Obama. Please get a grip.

  2. We can point fingers all we want but when the bottom line is drawn the burden falls squarely upon the shoulders of We The People [ not you JC but all of us ] . We crap on the Senate and House but lets face the fact that it’s us who put them in power and it’s us that are responsible for getting them out . How do we do that , you ask ? VOTE , that’s how.Throw the bitches and sons-of-bitches out !! Talk to everybody about the problems and the solution . A huge lot of the people that thought we were idiots because we saw thru Obama from day one are now , strangely , thinking like us . They just won’t say it because it’s not P.C. When it comes time to vote we must remember that every vote for a Democrat is a vote against Democracy . I’ve noticed that when I bring up the subject of Obama , some people either just clam up or get pissed at me . That used to bother me until I figured out that those people , for the most part , are embarrassed because they know that they are the ones that helped get us into the shit we’re in today . Every day between now and election day , we’ve got the opportunity to get America back on the right track . Lets make the best of it and try to get people to do it right this time . Hang in there America — we’re coming!!

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