Who you going to call 9-11 when a bullet is a nano second away to save your life?

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot

There are no blood and guts here just example, and there are hundreds more that are never reported by the media particularly in states like California that would like to see the Second Amendment crushed.

Of course states run by dictatorial law makers like this would be happy with no Constitution as it seems to get in the way of controlling We the People.

The first video makes a case for why having a concealed carry permit is not safe. It must be taken in the light of someone taking a beginning scuba diving course, five dives and believing they are ready.

I decided to write this when I received my monthly letter from Front Sight. In today’s article he advises, “Sane Americans Aren’t Buying the Anti-Gun BS.”

“Anyone can see, due to so many real world examples that are readily available on the Internet, that when you have an armed, trained, responsible citizen in a public place EVERYONE IS SAFER and such murderous rampages as have occurred countless times in “Gun Free Zones” just can’t happen.”

Serious shooters, go to ranges that offer real scenarios, shooting moving targets, hiding behind cars and various combat techniques.

The videos below are wort seeing as the demonstrate that even young children can protect themselves when trained. 

3 thoughts on “Who you going to call 9-11 when a bullet is a nano second away to save your life?

  1. Self-protection IS our Constitutional, God given right- -guns are only dangerous in the hands of the “wrong people”, who miss-use them!

  2. Why isnt Congress doing anything to stop Obama for signing the UN Arms bill… we dont neeed foreigners coming in and telling the Americans what do do I dont even hear the co nothing Rebubs stopping it..

    • Hi Sally please see my article on this today, it’s a complete fabrication and hoax, I site the Constitution and how a bill becomes a law…Trust this is smoke and mirrors J.C.
      Votes Still Against Gun Control

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