3,742 Black pastors group launches anti-Obama campaign around gay marriage

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

My oh my oh my, the 2008 great uniter has become the big divider.  

In his zest to destroy America, he has irritated, black, Hispanics, the Catholic Church, the youth vote, women voters, as well as members of his own party.

Apparently Obama has never heard the old phrase, “You got to dance with the one that brought you.”  Had he, they wouldn’t be cast adrift on a weekly basis adding more water to his sinking ship.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message. 

Washington (CNN) – A group of conservative black pastors are responding to President Barack Obama’s support of same-sex marriage with what they say will be a national campaign aimed at rallying black Americans to rethink their overwhelming support of the President, though the group’s leader is offering few specifics about the effort.

The Rev. Williams Owens, who is president and founder of the Coalition of African-Americans Pastors and the leader of the campaign, has highlighted opposition to same-sex marriage among African-Americans. He calls this campaign “an effort to save the family.”

“The time has come for a broad-based assault against the powers that be that want to change our culture to one of men marrying men and women marrying women,” said Owens, in an interview Tuesday after the launch event at the National Press Club. “I am ashamed that the first black president chose this road, a disgraceful road.”

At the press conference, Owens was joined by five other black regional pastors and said there were 3,742 African-American pastors on board for the anti-Obama campaign.





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3 responses to “3,742 Black pastors group launches anti-Obama campaign around gay marriage

  1. Now that they have free pills for free sex thre sho uld be less money paying out for abortions .. we will have to watch cause Obama wont admit anything. the fake…

  2. Bet you’re praying that the vote instead for the official white Christian party which is hostile to the minorities!

    Only the conservative ones, and probably there is some monetary incentive or bribes IMO.

    But to minorities, civil liberties and equality is more important and GOP is a threat to that.

    If there are hypocritical retards who think snatching away freedoms and equality from gays/lesbians is more important, then those flucktards are in a minority. Eve if they are a majority, then the black community is screwed if they want to sell their freedoms and equality for a GOP wedge issue.

    I’ve hard enough of your racist, bigoted crap! It;s obvious who has the real problem and it’s you. ODS, Obama Derangement Sydrome! mentally insane?? can someone be physically insane? don’t use redundancies if you want people to take you seriously.

    Marxist: No. If Obama was a marxist, he’d have run as a marxist and created marxist legislation, not fix the issues he could pass through or triple the stock in the health industry.

    POS: No. He’s a charismatic guy and isn’t in it for himself, as proven by his health-care bill, which prevents insurance companies from denying women and children on the basis that they are women and children. I’m sure there are other ethical bills out there, but that’s the big one.

    Frank Luntz, Newt Gingrich, and several House and Senate Republicans plotted their strategy to destroy the Obama presidency.

    Despite these facts, you put all the blame for the failure of bipartisanship on the president. He puts all the blame for the size of the Stimulus on the president. And when it comes to health care, Weston just pretends that Democrats like Finance Chairman Max Baucus and turncoats like Blanche Lincoln and Joe Lieberman didn’t exist.

    If you want to whine about the president’s performance in office, that’s your right. But don’t try to rewrite history. If the president is vulnerable, there are three different reasons why.

    First, the Republicans destroyed the economy and then ensured that the president would not have any tools at his disposal to fix it. Second, the Supreme Court legalized billionaire-bribery. Third, the right-wing has a vast media empire whose members serve as more of an auxiliary to the GOP than as corporations or normal news outlets.

    Probably the most boring political writing I see is analysis that gives the GOP no credit for being good at what they do.

    • Why do you come he Questionman? One would think the well sourced truth would rub off on even the dumbest of racist trolls like yourself, saving for inflight entertainment for serious readers.

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