New Jersey Governor Christie hosts Ramadan dinner, reaffirms support for Hamas-linked imam

H/T Creeping Sharia

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Governor Chris Christie represents a clear and president danger to the United States of America should he be put in any position within the federal government, particularly now that his name keeps appearing on the “short list” for V.P.

Christie continues to prove he is either completely ignorant or lying through his teeth or both regarding the Hamas-linked imam who lied on his immigration papers. via A Ramadan Iftar to remember- actually two iftars |

Whether it is plain ignorance, or willful ignorance, this individual must consider a sit down with Congressman Allen West and have him explain the differences between stealth Jihad which is carried on daily with the infiltration of our government agencies and virtually all levels, and overt Jihad which they carry our against our men and women in uniform as well as Christians, Jews, Copts, and surprisingly against other Muslims who ironically are killed more frequently than all other groups  above combined.

Why?  Islam simply said is an all pervasive lifestyle, children are taught to kill at a very young age.  Submit or die is the creed of the jihadist

Remember Islam is like a malignant metastatic tumor, where it flourishes freedom dies.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

At the NJ Annual Governor’s Iftar July 24, 2012, (held at the Governor’s Mansion in Princeton) Governor Christie covered three topics in his 15 minute speech to the close to a hundred Muslim leaders  in attendance. He recalled his successful push to get Sohail Mohammed to become a Superior Court judge, making him only the second Muslim to reach this milestone. The other topic was his position on the NYPD spying-a view I took strong exception to in a prior posting. But more welcome and perhaps unrehearsed and very sincere were his remarks, unambiguous and most poignant,  about his respect for and support of Imam Mohammad Qatanani, who is facing a witch-hunt legal pursuit by the US government: Complete article below:

“In all my interactions with the imam, he has attempted to be a force for good in his community, in our state with law enforcement, with those of us who have gotten to know him over the years. I hope that what you see is a constant strain of conduct for me. I will judge people based upon their relationships with me and the way I observe them conduct themselves, and while there may be other issues at play and I will certainly consider those if other facts come in, I will tell you the folks who are my friends will continue to be my friends as long as they continue to conduct themselves with integrity and honesty and faith in common values and the things that make our state a better place.”

As the site notes:

This development isn’t terribly surprising, especially since reported that when Christie’s Attorney General met with Qatanani, Mohamed el-Filali, the executive director of Qatanani’s mosque and an official from the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ N.J. chapter.

A July 29, 2008 court filing said Qatanani was guilty of “material misrepresentation,” “has engaged in terrorist activity” and “engaging in unauthorized employment…by allowing an out-of-status alien to reside with him.”

“It is certainly suspicious when a person who has been convicted of being a member of, and providing services, to Hamas, who has personal ties to a Hamas militant leader, and a Hamas fundraiser also sends undisclosed cash to the West Bank,” the document reads.

Qatanani’s next hearing is scheduled for November 26.

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8 thoughts on “New Jersey Governor Christie hosts Ramadan dinner, reaffirms support for Hamas-linked imam

  1. All i can see is the muslims are making a fool out of Christy and love doing it..Christy think he did a great thing well Lets hope to hell he is NOT our VP cause we dont need tohelp the muslims take over the USA>

  2. I liked the other way to do your emails Jim..

  3. Well, I was never in favor of Cristie for VP, but definitely not now! Some are just better at hiding their real intentions than others are. I don’t trust them.

  4. I heard a while back that chris christie actually took the oath on a Koran….. anybody else hear this?
    BTW…..Did anyone see this?

    Mitt Romney last week pushed his education plan at a campaign stop at a charter school in Philadelphia whose leader, an Islamist activist, has been previously associated with President Obama’s campaign and education efforts.

    Romney last Thursday reportedly held a roundtable at West Philadelphia’s Universal Bluford Charter School, where he was also given a tour of the faculties.
    Continue Reading:

    Romney is no better! I have only heard of Newt, Palin, West and Bachmann come out about anything to do with stopping Islamists from infiltrating Government and doing their stealth Jihad!
    Better pray for a brokered convention !

  5. christie is nuttin butt a FAT chickenschitt RINO and its only the dirtbomb media that likes his fat a$$ … Keep the MORON up in new joisey !!!

  6. VP in the making for the white Obama. Way to show the difference between a Republican or the DemoncRats. Tampa Convention brokered to select a CONSERVATIVE candidate for President of the USA. NOvember, NObama, NObamney 2012.

  7. ha! These guys are all imposters. And whoever had the idea to place the quote from old Abe at the top of the page for this site needs to drill down a little deeper into the basis for their philosophy of government. The all time greatest perverter of the Constitution was likely Abraham Lincoln himself. The last time I checked, the states had a right to secede. Guess that was deemed to be a useless element by the emerging corporation: “The” United States of America. After Lincoln, the use of the words “These” United States was phased out. Of course, Lincoln could have been an innocent in all of it and was killed later when he began to resist the Pandora’s box he had helped to open…

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