Obama Campaign Sues to Restrict Military Voting

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

It’s inconceivable that any administration in U.S. history has continually overstepped its authority and trampled on the Tenth Amendment as has Obama and with his on version of the Third Reich. Obama and his Attorney General both belong behind bars. 

Another interesting contrast is brought to mind between President George W. Bush and and “Resident Obama.”  President Bush would always greet the troops for them and not a photo op for himself.   To this day he and Laura meet returning veterans at airports and hospitals. 

Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government.com

by Mike Flynn

President Barack Obama, along with many Democrats, likes to say that, while they may disagree with the GOP on many issues related to national security, they absolutely share their admiration and dedication to members of our armed forces. Obama, in particular, enjoys being seen visiting troops and having photos taken with members of our military. So, why is his campaign and the Democrat party suing to restrict their ability to vote in the upcoming election?


On July 17th, the Obama for America Campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the Ohio Democratic Party filed suit in OH to strike down part of that state’s law governing voting by members of the military. Their suit said that part of the law is “arbitrary” with “no discernible rational basis.”

Currently, Ohio allows the public to vote early in-person up until the Friday before the election. Members of the military are given three extra days to do so. While the Democrats may see this as “arbitrary” and having “no discernible rational basis,” I think it is entirely reasonable given the demands on servicemen and women’s time and their obligations to their sworn duty.

The National Defense Committee reports: (Complete article below)

For each of the last three years, the Department of Defense’s Federal Voting Assistance Program has reported to the President and the Congress that the number one reason for military voter disenfranchisement is inadequate time to successfully vote.

I think it’s unconscionable that we as a nation wouldn’t make it as easy as possible for members of the military to vote. They arguably have more right to vote than the rest of us, since it is their service and sacrifice that ensures we have the right to vote in the first place.

If anyone proposes legislation to combat voter fraud, Democrats will loudly scream that the proposal could “disenfranchise” some voter, somewhere. We must ensure, they argue, that voting is easy and accessible to every single voter. Every voter, that is, except the men and women of our military.

Make no mistake, the Democrat lawsuit is intended to disenfranchise some unknown number of military voters. The judge should reject it with prejudice.

4 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Sues to Restrict Military Voting

  1. Once again, an absolutely unbelievable action on the part of Democrats….

  2. How much more distruction does this man have to do before someone stops him. Are we waiting for the entire country to sink into despair and total ruin. Can this congress we any weaker. Disgusting all of it.

  3. In one of the articles attached to this, it mentioned our wounded military men and women who are being struck down by “superbugs”, from infections that developed when they were wounded! These “superbugs” are antibiotic resistant- – hope someone tells the military medics to do some research on homeopathy- -caloidal silver IS the answer to antibiotic resistant infections! And it’s something you can make, yourself, at home, OR in the hospital lab! Go on line and look it up-it gives very specific directions!

  4. Apologies- -I mispelled “colloidal silver”!!

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