The Veepstakes Congressman Allen West in second place?


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Though hardly a scientific finding it is interesting to me that my personal favorite, Congressman Allen West, who IMHO would put a lock on a victory for Romney and America. The congressman incredulously doesn’t seem to be on Romney’s list.

With Allen West we get, a full understanding of Islam, a retired warrior and a highly educated individual with four degrees. 

For the bonus round his nomination would kill the race card thus shutting up the whiners in the progressive movement. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Thank you for being one of 300,000 votes in the Townhall Veepstakes poll! Our July results are in and not much has changed. Remarkably, most candidates stayed in their exact positions. Marco Rubio lost some support but still finished with a strong following as the top choice amongst conservatives for Mitt Romney’s VP pick. Allen West and Condoleezza Rice gained some support but stayed in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

The results below show which way each person is trending. A green up arrow indicates they have moved up while a red arrow indicates they have moved down in their placement.

We will be monitoring the pulse of the conservative community until a vice presidential nominee is selected. Make sure to tell your friends and family to show support for their selection! We will also be making some adjustments to the page, adding potential veep picks and eliminating some of the less popular. Check back regularly!

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10 thoughts on “The Veepstakes Congressman Allen West in second place?

  1. I am for Allen West but I still am pushing for Romney to invite Sarah to othe convention .. its making me mad that he wont do it.. How do I get it to Romney?

  2. Rubio is NOT eligible. Hid parents were NOT citizens when he was born

  3. Rubio’s not eligible!

  4. This whole VP thing comes down to the best man for the job and country not who looks best standing next to Mitt…. With as much Business background Mitt has this will be the first test of if Mitt is thinking of himself or the Country , Picking Marco has a ton of corruption issues and on its face panders to the Hispanic vote which brings the WHOLE security issue into a personal conflict ……..with West we have a secure Perimeter

  5. BHO definitely not eligible Father = British Subject, 18 year old Mother too young to confer US Citizenship by US Law. Rubio’s parents = Cuban exiles, although Rubio born in the US, his parents did not become US Citizen’s until he was approximately seven years old, so Rubio though technically NOT a Natural Born Citizen, he’s a heck of a lot closer to being one than BHO ever was or could be. We’ll have to see how this plays out. I suggested long ago that he pick Rubio, because you know the other side will question the NBC status which will up Romney’s cred with Hispanics and turn around and bite BHO in the butt to release his real documents. I wouldn’t be surprised if West is not considered for Sec. of Defense or Sec. of State. He’d be bored as Veep and Rubio is going to feel like a Forest Lawn Tennis Ball by the time this all shakes out!

  6. I believe the reason Romney isn’t considering West is because he’s afraid of him. West’s background and education actually “Over qualify” him for a Vice President position. They would make a good mix – but Romney’s hesitation shows his timid apprehension of West’s background & credentials. Romney also speaks in hesitant rhetoric whereas West “says it from the Heart!!” Big Difference!!!!!!

  7. With all the controversy about Obama’s eligibility because both of is parents were not born in the USA, why the hell are any conservatives or Republicans pushing for Rubio, when both of his parents were born in Cuba? Allen West is the best possible choice.

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