Hezbollah commander Ali Mussa Daqduq, freed after Obama admin denies Gitmo entrance: He tortured and killed 5 U.S. Soldier in Iraq

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

What will it finally take to stop Obama?

Anyone who doubts at this late stage of the game that Obama is the personification of evil needs to go in for a C.T. scan of the brain. 

Obama has committed more high crimes and misdemeanors than any president in history, net no one with the exception of Congressman Allen West with tell it like it is.  Obama is not fit to be Commander-in-Chief of our military.

He lacks a coherent foreign policy, seeming favoring the Muslim Brotherhood while our elected officials stand around and do nothing.

Daqdug tortured and murdered 5 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq during 2007 and now he walks
 If Obama can act with such impunity while seeking a second term, all bets are off should he steal the elections of 2012.  That would lead to anarchy, and the bloodshed that always accompanies a revolution.  

It that tipping point is reached so be it, the progressives are wimps, afraid of weapons and I love our odds.  A second revolution would have an amazingly cleansing effect of cleaning out the gene pool.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message. 

Judicial Watch reports that  who tortured and killed 5 U.S. soldiers in Iraq and was detained by U.S. forces in early 2007, will be freed by an Iraqi court–the inevitable, and predictable, result of an Obama administration decision to hand him over to Iraqi authorities rather than bring him to Guantanamo Bay.

Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government

by Joel B. Pollak

Judicial Watch summarizes the pathetic abdication of justice by the Obama administration, See entire article below.

We all knew this would happen back in December when the commander-in-chief handed over the Lebanese militant, Ali Mussa Daqduq, to Iraqi officials. A mainstream newspaper presented it as a “dilemma” for the president as American troops prepared to exit Iraq. Daqduq had been in U.S. military custody in Iraq since 2007 for his involvement in a carefully orchestrated plot that killed, kidnapped and tortured American military officers.

The atrocities took place in a city called Karbala, south of Baghdad in early 2007. Around a dozen terrorists dressed in U.S. military uniforms opened fire on Americans after approaching a camp in five sports utility vehicles resembling U.S. transports. One U.S. soldier died at the scene and four others were kidnapped, tortured and executed. Daqduq, a Hezbollah commander, was the mastermind.

But President Obama didn’t want to remove the terrorist from Iraq without permission from the country, in order not to violate its sovereignty. He also refused to take Daqduq to the U.S. Naval base in Guantanamo Cuba, which houses other high-value terrorists, because the facility is an anathema in the Middle East and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki would not approve the “unacceptable” Guantanamo option.

So Obama handed Daqduq over to the Iraqis even though several members of congress pointed out that it would be the same as freeing him. Apparently, Iraq pinky promised to hold him accountable for murdering our soldiers. No one, probably not even Obama, really believed that and this week a national newswire story confirmed it.

As noted by Judicial Watch, the Obama administration belatedly tried to launch a prosecution of Daqduq–which will never happen now that the Iraqi legal system has freed him and closed off the possibility of extradition.

In 2011, the Obama administration blamed George W. Bush for the dilemma, saying that the U.S. was required to hand Daqduq over to Iraqi authorities under an agreement President Bush had negotiated. However, Daqduq is a native of Lebanon, not Iraq, and critics have argued that he is not covered by the agreement.

Furthermore, the Obama administration could have negotiated for a continued, smaller U.S. presence in Iraq–as recommended by military leaders, and even by Iraqi leaders–but pursued the talks only halfheartedly as the President sought to accelerate U.S. withdrawal for political reasons.

That, in turn, meant the U.S. had no way to ensure that Daqduq would be brought to justice, either within the U.S. military justice system or in the Iraqi legal system. This is a travesty for which President Barack Obama is directly responsible.

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2 thoughts on “Hezbollah commander Ali Mussa Daqduq, freed after Obama admin denies Gitmo entrance: He tortured and killed 5 U.S. Soldier in Iraq

  1. Just when I thought nothing would surprise me about this sorry excuse for a president he does this. He needs to impeached for treason without question. His loyalities are not with the USA that alone is enough proof.

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