Can Obama be kept off the ballot?


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One thought on “Can Obama be kept off the ballot?

  1. Topeka,Ks is in USA, Place of birth, Obama Sr not biological Dad.Go get the records in Topeka ,etc. . See my face book for more details. . Quit wasting time on this and discuss the performance and issues. Vote your conscience! Friday Congress just voted to give any President more unconstitutional powers by Senate not having to confirm appts. If Congress isn’t going to do their job they need to go home and save all the money spent on salaries and staff.Why is Congress such wimps? Obama has the name by cover of marriage and Kenyan culture, He needs to tell us when he knew or am I the first to tell him? Dick Cheney still doesn’t know his mother’s real maiden name is Hunt. Yet, I have reason to think he did know and still lying. These are my extended families on both sides and I’m in a life and death struggle over what I know? Both sides need to tell the truth!! Linda Joy Adams

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