Election Watchdog: 160 Counties Have More Registered Voters Than are Actually Eligible to Vote


By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

As has been repeatedly suggested on this site, with all of the negative coming down hard on the “resident,” and his  lies coming crashing all around him, the only chance this guy has is to steal the election..

If that should happen; or let’s get creative and suggest with his narcissistic personality disorder he and the thugs within the Obamocracy gin up a happening that would in his belief system allow him to call of the election.

Should an event of this magnitude the result, Obama will have declared war on we the people, a war he would be war on We the People, a war he and the progressives will not win.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

The Blaze

A nonpartisan election integrity group has sent legal notices to 160 counties across the U.S. that it says have more voters on its registration rolls than actual live, eligible voters — and thus represent potential hotbeds for election fraud, the organization told The Blaze exclusively.

True the Vote 160 counties more than 100 percent voter registration

The Houston-based True the Vote said the counties may be in violation of Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act, which mandates that election officials maintain clean voter rolls by removing people who have died, moved away or are no longer eligible to vote. True the Vote is demanding each of the counties show proof of compliance or they’ll bring civil suit.

The counties in question are spread across 19 states that together account for 203 electoral college votes, including six current battleground states. Among the counties are LaSalle, Ill., which True the Vote identified as having 520 percent voter registration; Jefferson, Miss. with more than 230 percent; and Hanson, S.D. with 165 percent.

True the Vote Sends Notice to 160 Counties It Says Have More Than 100 Percent Voter Registration

The Houston-based True the Vote said it has identified 160 counties across 19 states with more registered voters on their rolls than eligible live voters. This chart highlights the 19 states and how they voted in the 2008 election. (Image source: True the Vote) Complete article below

“It’s simply unacceptable for any county to have more voters on its rolls than people who are alive and eligible to vote,” True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht said in a statement. “Failing to maintain accurate voter registration records is a flagrant violation of Section 8 in the NVRA.”

True the Vote identified the county irregularities by matching 2010 Census data to publicly available information from the bipartisan Election Assistance Commission.

“We are deeply concerned by our discovery of voter rolls across America that contain substantial numbers of ineligible voters, possibly resulting in the disenfranchisement of eligible voters and the subversion of our nation’s electoral process,” the letters to the counties state.

True the Vote spokesman Logan Churchwell told TheBlaze the notices were sent last week. He said True the Vote expects the counties to take proper action to clean their voter rolls well before Election Day in November.

“We don’t expect these to go ignored,”  Churchwell said.

True the Vote filed a joint lawsuit against the state of Indiana with the conservative foundation Judicial Watch in June, alleging similar violations of the National Voter Registration Act.

Read more about True the Vote and the importance of election integrity in TheBlaze Magazine‘s September issue.

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2 thoughts on “Election Watchdog: 160 Counties Have More Registered Voters Than are Actually Eligible to Vote

  1. Wow this is big and could cause many problems.

  2. Obama has already declared war on We, the People by implementing his anti-American, Marxofascist ideology on America AGAINST the will of the American people, and many times, Congress! Pulling off a “false flag” scenario would be the last straw for sure, but there are still too many ignorant & complacent people in the country to realize or care if it’s gov’t. instigated or not. I personally do not believe the recent mass shootings of madmen in CO and WI, are random or coincidental, when it’s become an itch needing to be scratched by this administration to disarm America.

    Everytime a state, or conservative organization decides to stand for it’s Constitutional RIGHT, Eric Holder descends on them with his IRON FIST to prevent them from being able to thwart the Communsit agenda! One must have an ID to get into most gov’t. buildings, get a Driver’s Lic, buy liquor, and a host of other things, but not to VOTE? WHY ISN”T ANYONE in the STATE RUN MEDIA SCREAMING ABOUT THIS ISSUE???? Better yet? Why have ALL MEDIA OUTLETS REMAINED SILENT ON THE FACT OBAMA IS A FRAUD AND NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE POTUS? All of it is vomit material the fact all 3 branches and media are covering for the POS to transform America into a 3rd world country. The fact they are getting away with it is what is THE MOST DISHEARTENING! Not to mention not wanting to allow our troops the priviledge to VOTE AGAINST THE FRAUD in breath-taking numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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