First ever images of Martians taken from Mars rover Curiosity

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

My sincere apology, well, O.K. not really for those who may find the wording on the sign below offensive.

Many of you have been coming here for years, it is not my intention to offend but to report.  That being said, I’m shocked there wasn’t a sign that said Martians for Obama aren’t you?

Please remember this site is intentionally politically incorrect and those coming here have learned to expect the unexpected. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it I’m J.C. and I approve this message




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10 thoughts on “First ever images of Martians taken from Mars rover Curiosity

  1. Looks like a bunch of Muzzies to me!

  2. LMAO!!! The Mrtians look at the Earth and say, those pigs screwed up thier own planet. Go Home Yankees!!!!!!!!!

  3. Which one is Pelosi ? With their cloths off I would think that she would be a standout . It is said that her penis is bigger than Hillary’s bit I can’t seem to find either one in the picture . With Obummer in office I can understand why they have that sign .

  4. LOL! Martians are smarter than Liberals/Democrats! They wouldn’t vote for Obi either!!

  5. Patriot….
    I think Piglousi is the one on the far right in front….looks like something is dingling dangling there! LOL!

  6. JC….

    You crack me up! Thanks for the LOL! :)

  7. But, but, but – -where’s “Uncle Martin”?? (the Martian)! Sorry, I’m dating myself – -do any of you remember that tv show?

  8. madmemere….
    LOL! I remember that show! Guess I just dated myself also! LOL! My “favorite” Martian though is Marvin….don’t see him in that photo either!!

  9. Redneck Woman —- I took another look at the pic and I think you’re right !!!!

  10. Patriot….
    LOL! I’m still looking for Hitlery ……will let ya’ know when I spot her!

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