Feinstein is coming to town for no particular reason

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot

Thank you Judy Sly for stating the obvious.  Dianne Feinstein does nothing unless there is a reason.

 The reason this time is simply that she is desperate with Elizabeth Emken mounting the first serious challenge to the 79-year-old Feinstein’s ceremonial seat she has come to believe is owed to her.

Fienstein’s arrogance has seriously damaged here favorable rating among long time supporters, many of whom are saying they will most likely sit this election out.

The exciting news is many who have voted for Feinstein in the past have decided to vote for Elizabeth.

No Dianne, you know in your heart the party is over, and Elizabeth Emken will be sending you home in November. 

You have been around “Too Long” and you are Too Wrong for the economy your policies have destroyed in California and the nation.  

The Modesto Bee
By Judy Sly

We seldom see presidents or presidential candidates here in Modesto, and we don’t see much of U.S. senators either, except when they’re looking for votes or campaign donations. Even then, Fresno is the typical valley stop. So it’s welcome and a little intriguing that Sen. Dianne Feinstein wants to visit.

She contacted the Modesto Chamber of Commerce last week and asked officials if they would be willing to host a luncheon presentation for her Aug. 29 at the DoubleTree Hotel. That’s a quick turnaround for this kind of thing, but chamber President and Chief Executive Officer Cecil Russell put it together.

See entire article below:

What wasn’t made clear to Russell is exactly what our senior senator wants to talk about.

I reached one of Feinstein’s press people, who wrote back by e-mail: “The senator speaks at lunches throughout the state and hasn’t been in Modesto for a while, so no reason beyond that. This is one of her series of Washington Report talks where she provides updates on a wide range of issues ranging from the economy to housing to national security; water infrastructure will definitely be a topic about which she speaks.”

Feinstein is running for re-election, but she’s the heavy favorite. And this is not a fund-raising event for her campaign. The chamber is handling the money, and tickets are only $35 each. Invites went to chamber members, local government leaders from around the area and ag leaders. Feinstein is particularly knowledgeable and powerful on water issues, and I think even the Republicans will want to hear her — and share what’s on their minds as well.

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2 responses to “Feinstein is coming to town for no particular reason

  1. I know I am being rude but Diane is 79 years old that means she is 3 g enreations out of it and we dont need her any more.. Thank you Diane for the years y9u have givein us but its time for y ou do go home and relax and stay of of politics…

  2. The dependably left-wing Chambers of Commerce NEVER disappoint when it comes to feting Democrats in search of votes.

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