Pelosi, faults Ryan’s Medicare plan but hedges on how she’d help it stay solvent


Comment by Jim Campbell

Excuse me?  Nancy Pelosi a problem solver?  Forget about that, Pelosi has made here entire career creating problems for the California taxpayer.  

Her dimwitted lack of understanding on the effects of taxation of course have led to California’s near fiscal demise.  It’s time for John Dennis to take out the trash and Pelosi out with it. 

Communist flag not available

By George Bennett

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Even before Mitt Romney tapped Paul Ryan as his running mate, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s visit to a Boca Raton senior community last week made it clear that attacks on Ryan’s Medicare plan will be a centerpiece of Democrats’ general election strategy in Florida.

But while Pelosi and Democratic congressional candidate Lois Frankel were clear in their criticism of the Ryan plan, the long-term alternatives they put forward to extend Medicare’s solvency were a murky collection of pending studies, future demonstration projects and hopes for medical breakthroughs.

Medicare trustees project that the program as it’s now structured won’t be able to pay full benefits after 2024. Ryan and other Republicans say the solution is to change Medicare, beginning with people who retire a decade from now, from a fee-for-service program to one in which the government provides subsidies to buy private insurance. Republicans say market forces would drive down costs, but the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office forecasts significantly higher out-of-pocket expenses for future retirees.

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