Sarah Palin Accuses Media Of ‘Prostituting’

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot

Wow sweet Sarah, a bit late to the dance on this one. The media are nothing but a bunch of ho’s.

Of all people this should not come as a major surprise to you?  Have you forgotten your interview with Catie Katie?

There are no honest journalists, with the exception of ABC’s Jake Tapper who is an investigator and journalist but in order to get called on in the White House Press Room, he too must play  the game.

Looks like they caught you in a bad hair day, let me take care of that for you.

Thanks for being a good sport on the Christmas Card, my best to Todd, for the record my soon to be X wife didn’t think it was that special. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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3 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Accuses Media Of ‘Prostituting’

  1. Don’t jounalists believe it’s all about the story? They don’t consider the truth to make a good story….conspiracy theories and assumptions make good stories…..fairytales.

  2. Romney should tell Obama, “You show me your records beginning with an actual birth certificate followed with your college records, passports you have used during your life time, etc. and I will show you something that is none of your business while everything I have asked of you Mr. Obama are things that you should have had to show before even being listed as qualified to run for the presidency.” Obama’s Machine could not exist without the lies they tell and a complicit media that is nothing more than a Propaganda Machine the spews nothing but lies and disinformation on purpose so as to try and destroy all opposition to the Regime. Someone asks, How Do They Get By With All These Lies?? Come on, get real. The Obama Regime is the most corrupt criminal political machine in the history of the world. Look at where Obama came from and from whence he brought all his political and criminal allies?? Chicago, Illinois is a city that has been dominated by the Mafia, The Democrat Party and Public Unions and Private Unions. This machine was once called the Daley Machine during the days of Daly Senior and that corrupt city is still just as corrupt as ever and all that Obama and His Chicago Thug Buddies did was to bring this Machine to the National Level, and this regime will do anything to keep the power they now have. In Chicago, all they could do was shake down businesses and rip off Chicago and Illinois Small Businesses and the Middle Class. With national power, these Chicago Thugs are ripping off the Entire Country. They have a Mafia Monopoly with one of their own running the so-called Justice Department so they are all Free of any and All Prosecution in spite of their lawlessness, with Lying Being the Least of Their Criminal Offenses.

    Who is this Pot Smoking, Cocaine Snorting man we have as a sitting POTUS who has claimed at various times in his life that he was an Indonesian Citizen when gaming the System for Free College Aid as a Foreign Exchange Student, Travels to Pakistan, a restricted-travel country for U.S. Citizens, on an Indonesian Passport?? Who is Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro-Obama???

  3. Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney would be WISE not to appear on any of the Corporate Network Tabloid or Feigned News Outlets including FAUX News. All the MSM, including FAUX News, are about these days is Gotcha Gossip Programs aimed at Insuring the Lying Ass Obama Machine Wins again. Do not let anybody trip you up into believing that any MEDIA in the USA today is Legitimate News and Information.., It is all gossip, innuendo, lies and Propaganda meant to Deceive and Misguide and sadly, the rotten system works and that is why we have this Soviet-Style Federal Monstrosity in place now. And this Bureaucratic Fascist Regime has been built by Both Parties as they have all for decades Sold Out the Taxpayers and The U.S. Constitution has been thrown into the Shredder.

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