The essential difference between liberals and conservatives and more

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot

The sign below would seem to cover the differences quite well however it goes far deeper.  Let’s take a moment to explore some of the ways.

Over time  throughout U.S. History, the terms, “Liberal  and conservative had different meanings.” 

For example, during the early years of the formation of the great experiment called democracy  run as a Republic, a “Classical Liberal” was one who believed in the teachings of Thomas Jefferson and John Locke, essentially personal freedom and a limited government was the best form of government.

In the United States, conservatism is rooted in the American Revolution and its commitment to conserve the rights and liberties of Englishmen.

Most European conservatives writers do not accept American conservatism as genuine; they consider it to be a variety of liberalism.

Let’s put the usual areas of biased thinking on the part of both parties,  such as environmentalism, abortion, the right to bare arms, guaranteed under the Second Amendment, to rest for the moment and take it a bit deeper philosophically.

The term fascism is thrown around a great deal, when in fact extremes on either end of political parties can easily end up as fascist if the other party were not there to hold things in check.

Today, are the terms Democrats and fascists used in the same sentence?  Not likely, but how often has the reader heard fascism be associated with conservatives, republicans or the Tea Party movement?

Can we forget that Hitler came up in a democracy and became a fascist dictator?

Today’s liberal/progressive/socialist/Marxist movement is far closer and at times becomes  a completely fascist ideology. Let’s explore the ways.


What was once known as the party of the democrat has been hijacked by the symbols above, knowingly or unknowingly.

Without rule of law and following the guiding principles of the United States Constitution, the country becomes chaotic, exactly as Obama has made it by his continued disregard for the Constitution, using the courts, agencies, executive orders and circumvention of Congress to obtain his objectives.

How would a modern-day Karl Marx be differentiated from Barack Obama?  by his own admission Obama said in the book “Dreams of my Father,” allegedly written by Bill Ayers, who actually admitted doing so, Obama admits he sought out Marxists as friends and professors.

His Father and his mentor Frank Marshall along with his grandparents were all members of the communist party, enough said.

Below are the personality types that want to round-up all weapons from the citizens because they know what is best for them. History is replete with examples.  Yet according to FBI data, and armed citizenry is a safer citizenry.

Today’s liberal/Marxist can’t be bothered with facts, they are emotion based, which leads to the concluding observation, if they were not a great deal like them in their desire to control the people in a totalitarian, fascist manner just exactly how do they differ from Islam whose stated goal according to the Muslim Brotherhood is to be the only “religion” thus subjugating the U.S. Constitution to the will of Allah.

Of course today’s U.S. Marxists/communists in the current administration haven’t resulted to the strict brutality of Sharia, with resultant stoning, beheading’s and  so-called honor killings.

Just wait, are not death panels going to be packaged under doing the right thing with Obama Care should it not be overturned?

Progressive/Marxist/Communists won’t allow due to their choke hold on that which is deemed politically correct to use the term Muslim or Arab Terrorists, we don’t fight wars with Muslims, we have “Man made contingency operations.”

All the while law abiding peaceful Americans are treated as terrorists by our own government. Recall the hate filled rhetoric of Nancy Pelosi and the last time the reader had their physical being violated by a member of the TSA. 

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