What’s up Dianne why are you really afraid to debate your challenger Elizabeth Emken?

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Diane Feinstein and her campaign are beginning to come unhinged. 

 They know that Elizabeth Emken is far more qualified and will not let Senator Feinstein’s continued  “Ethical lapses.” in which she steered  billions of tax payer funds to her husband Richard Blum’s many companies to work on military projects, as well as an additional $25 billion for refurbishing and reselling foreclosed homes remain moot issues.

As a member of the Senate Military Appropriations subcommittee, Feinstein voted for appropriations worth billions to her husbands firms.  

An apparently very tired Senator Dianne Feinstein appears on Face the Nation where softball questions are the norm.

Please take a moment right now to sign the petition. Please consider making a generous contribution to Emken 2012.

Flooding her office at the toll free number  1-866-220-0044 provides a nice personal touch while demoralizing her staff at the same time. 

Away from the beltway bubble where congressional oversight committees investigate few are sent to jail while in the private sector, if an individual or individuals were involved in this type of behavior they would find themselves in front of a grand jury, if indicted, held for trial and if found guilty, sent to prison.

Even the LA Times, in their article “Face your Rival Dianne,”  thinks Feinstein would be foolish not to debate! That’s why I’m asking you to stand with Elizabeth Emken  and demand Dianne Feinstein  debate by signing the petition today.

Just the other day, one of Dianne Feinstein’s consultants called Elizabeth a “rhetorical joke.” He went on to say that Feinstein has no intention of debating her because, “She [Emken] is not a serious candidate in terms of her credentials or her experience.”

Such comments are arrogant, elitist and sorely out of touch, yet so very typical of Dianne Feinstein.

Thus Senator Feinstein and those like her are lucky to be breathing the rarefied air of the “Beltway Bubble.

Dianne Feinstein won’t debate Elizabeth because she’s hoping November 6 comes and goes without too many Californians paying attention.

Her reasons for not wanting to debate are obvious; she knows she can’t run on her record of increasing taxes, adding to the deficit and stifling economic growth with government red tape!

Feinsteins poll numbers are the worst they’ve ever been, while less than 40% of voters approve of her job performance! ( and still sinking)

Refusing to debate candidate Emken is a lose-lose situation for Californians.

Perhaps at 79 years of age the senior senator from California understands she would embarrass herself and as the ceremonial U.S. Senate Seat holder she may believe she has been anointed. Sorry Dianne, you are no “Princess Di” or Di Fi you will be leaving Washington for good in November.

If Feinstein is known for anything it would be for her proclivity to tax and spend when that is exactly the wrong prescription for the moribund and horrible economic she and her progressives have created in California.

Elizabeth has years of experience in the private sector at IBM where she balanced budgets and made sure company resources were being spent efficiently.  She’s also spent time in Washington advocating for children with disabilities and running a national non-profit organization.

While Feinstein has spent the last 4 terms living in a bubble only listening to those that sing in the progressive choir, Elizabeth earned degrees in economics and political science. Her studies included course work at Cambridge University, where she focused on political and economic issues in China and the Middle East. has more real life experience than Feinstein!

This will become abundantly clear when Elizabeth is given the chance to debate with Feinstein.  Please sign a petition demanding Feinstein accept Elizabeth’s challenges.  Flooding her office at the toll free number  1-866-220-0044 provides a nice personal touch while demoralizing her staff at the same time.  


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One response to “What’s up Dianne why are you really afraid to debate your challenger Elizabeth Emken?

  1. I still say Diane is to old to be in congress any more I am 78 and Iknow that at that age you are just not with it and with the mess congress has made of Americna we need someone who is with a younger generation.. Go home and relax Diane you cheated the Government out of enough money… we need new blood and fresh brains not old worn out has beens…

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