Small Business Owners Take A Stand Against Obama, Big Government

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

With a little effort this story must keep on going, from one experience to the next.

This may become the sword of Damocles hanging over Obama’s head as people and voters begin to understand that Obama and his arrogance have created an environment that does not favor employing We. The People.

What Obama favors, though, is a heads-I-win, tails-you-lose system where business owners fight an out of control regulatory state just to face demonization and punitive taxation if by some chance they manage to succeed.

Screw Obama, by a Mitt bumper sticker for your car, directions on the left side board.


That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

The latest piece of Romney campaign email to hit my inbox comes in the form of a statement from Ross Murty, co-owner of the Village Corner Deli in Davenport, Iowa, who caused a little stir last week by wearing some Romney campaign swag while catering for a Obama campaign stop.

No one from the government was there when we were sweating it, when we were building this business. I’m proud of the business I’ve built, so I appreciate Mitt Romney for standing up for people like me. He knows the kind of hard work and dedication it takes to make a business successful.

We need a president who understands business. Who understands what it means to make payroll. Who understands what it means to grow an enterprise and to be successful. I think Mitt is the candidate for the job.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Obama’s “you didn’t build that” remark appears to resonate at about a million. It perfectly summarizes his government-centric worldview and makes it plain to anyone paying attention that he and his policies are standing in the way of our economic recovery.

So it should come as no surprise that business owners hang signs telling Obama to kiss their ass. Or tell Joe Biden to take a hike. Or protest being forced to accept EBT card payments for pies.

“I don’t think American taxpayers should be footing the bill for people’s pie purchases,” said Andrea Taber, proprietor of the Ever So Humble Pie Co. in Walpole, who peddles her wares at the Braintree market on Fridays and now finds herself in the middle of the state’s raging fight over welfare benefits.“To me it’s no different from nail salons and Lottery tickets,” Taber said. “It’s pastry, it’s dessert. My pies are great, but come on.”

We have serious economic problems in this country, and they’re not going to be fixed by hopey-changey bullshit or “fundamental transformation” to a European-style social welfare state. As Mitt says on the campaign trail, Europe doesn’t even work in Europe. Why the Obama-ites think it’ll work here is beyond me. More below:

But these problems can be fixed by government getting its house in order while honest, hardworking Americans who take risks are allowed to benefit if the risk pays off. And it is a risky proposition – according to the SBA, half of all small businesses fail within five years.

What Obama favors, though, is a heads-I-win, tails-you-lose system where business owners fight an out of control regulatory state just to face demonization and punitive taxation if by some chance they manage to succeed.

It’s great to see business owners all across America standing up and saying “f*ck that!”. Now I’m off to Walpole to buy some pies.

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2 thoughts on “Small Business Owners Take A Stand Against Obama, Big Government

  1. Although Romney would not have been my first choice for a Republican President , I now have to support him . I do , however , have some very real concerns about his past practices of voting for and trying to institute gun control . Many times he has voted for gun control in one form or another and has several times met with the Brady Bunch to offer support for different forms of gun control . There is no doubt that he is less dangerous on the issue than Barry but the fact remains that he has , in the past , supported gun control . We will need weapons to defend our homes and families in the near future as Obama continues his relentless assault on our borders . I pray that a civil war won’t come to us but I live with the fear that it will happen . We can’t expect an immediate turn-around as soon as Romney boots Barry and his cow out of the White House . The fact that there will be some backlash is a given and we must continue to be able to defend ourselves against that . There is no doubt that fixing the economy is job # 1 but that lob may not be done to our satisfaction if the Gov’t. knows that it is facing a disarmed populous . Cases in point —- Lenin, Stalin ,Marx , Hitler , all of Communist Asia and the list goes on . We need to call Romney out on this issue , especially since he refused to return the NRA’s questionaire on exactly where he stood on this issue .The only candidate that did return the questionaire was Ron Paul who is solidly against gun control . The very soul of our nation’s greatness , small business , hangs in the balance and I , for one , want to make sure that we can help , support and defend small business and insure its’ regrowth in America . Small business needs the Gov’t. off its’ back and it needs to know that we are soildly behind them . Lets give a real hard look at Mitts history and let him know where we stand on this issue .

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