Virginia guardsman faces terrorism charge in West Virginia

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot

It would seem using a bit of deductive reasoning that this soldiers father is having a difficult time dealing with the probability that his son had gone rogue, becoming a loose cannon who may have been suffering from PTSD.

Ah but wait, his weapon didn’t have live ammunition but only shot pellets.  Who know what he was thinking? The young man is lucky he was caught before he committed an atrocity.

 Sadly with the current administration with a rogue attorney general, there is a high probability that the young guardsman will receive the most severe punishment possible.

There can be little doubt had he been black he might have been put up for a unit citation.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

Military Times

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — A West Virginia man arrested while running in desert camouflage with an AR-15 training rifle is a member of the Virginia National Guard who served a tour of duty in Iraq, and his father says he’s not a terrorist.

Stephen Alemar tells The Hagerstown Herald-Mail that he believes his 23-year-old son, William Alemar, was just trying to stay in shape for his next military assignment when he was arrested near two Martinsburg schools on Monday.

William Alemar was charged with committing a terrorist act after police found him carrying two knives and ammunition clips, and wearing a bulletproof vest.

Alemar remained in the Eastern Regional Jail on Tuesday on $50,000 bond.

Defense attorney Kevin Mills said his team is currently evaluating whether Alemar may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and it’s requested records from his service overseas.

Alemar’s father, meanwhile, said his son didn’t mean any harm.

“He’s not a terrorist,” he said. “He’s not a bad kid.”

Stephen Alemar said his son graduated from Massanutten Military Academy in Woodstock, Va., and joined the National Guard after he failed to get into the U.S. Naval Academy.

Army spokesman Ray Gall said records confirm that Alemar enlisted in January 2007.

William Alemar is assigned to the Virginia National Guard’s Company B, 3rd Battalion, 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team in Woodstock, Va., according to West Virginia National Guard spokesman Lt. Col. David Lester.

Alemar deployed to Iraq from July 1 to Dec. 6, 2011, Lester said, and was assigned to Task Force 183 for convoy security duty.

Martinsburg police discovered after they arrested Alemar that the gun he was carrying fires pellets, not live rounds.

A search of Alemar’s home found additional military equipment, which police seized as evidence.

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4 thoughts on “Virginia guardsman faces terrorism charge in West Virginia

  1. What did he actually do? Just try to stay in tip top fighting shape? Did he do anything to anybody? Oh, he is a known enemy! He is white and he is a heterosexual male! He is guilty of everything wrong with the world today!

  2. Oh noes! He had a scary looking pellet gun, I mean assault rifle! He must be locked away to protect us all!

  3. This is getting way out of hand. Instead of dealing with the real threats to our nation, the Feds are targeting vets and active military. I guess the moral is: Don’t join the military. (bad joke). Another reason to get rid of DHS. They obvioulsy have too much $ and too much manpower and not enough to keep busy.

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