The Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration into the Obama Administration

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.
Finally, an authoritative account on what has been happening in the Middle East and Africa.
What your humble correspondent has frequently called a clueless or rudderless foreign policy has been in error.
Led by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other members of the far left who have hijacked the once proud Democratic Party they know perfectly what they are doing.
Thus, Obama won’t be meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but meeting in the White House with members of the Muslim Brotherhood.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.
By David Horowitz

Last week, the so-called “Arab Spring” finally showed its true face as homicidal mobs assaulted American embassies in exactly those countries where a “flowering of democracy” was supposed to have taken place.

In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and elsewhere, American flags were burned and American values were jeered. In Bengazi, American blood was spilled and American lives were taken. Black flags of terrorism were unfurled on the grounds of American consulates as the representatives of Arab “democracy” stood back and watched as the Islamists who have used the idea of a “Spring” to cover their advance throughout the region rampaged. America’s President himself seemed to have trouble figuring out what position to take as his Middle East policy, a policy of apology for America’s alleged misdeeds and appeasement of the Muslim Brotherhood and other of America’s enemies, collapsed in the chaos of a region suddenly on fire.

And amidst all the violence and the White House’s confused and uncertain response to it, a disturbing undertone audible in the torrent of official criticism of the YouTube trailer of an alleged anti-Mohammed video that is supposed to have ignited these attacks against America. If you listened carefully, you heard our officials implying we had somehow caused this violence by not restraining that free speech guarantees that have always distinguished us from the barbarians seeking to destroy everything we stand for.

Disgusting and inappropriate as it is to many, the obscure and irrelevant footage in the video about the Prophet is actually a symbol of the fundamental difference between them and us. They use what they call blasphemy to justify their cry of “death to America” and their murder of our representatives. We believe that if America fails to protect the basic and fundamental right of free speech, however raw the expression may be, we will lose our liberty.  (Complete article below)

But does the Obama administration agree? The U.S. Embassy in Cairo, not long before it was attacked, released a statement condemning those who use “free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.” This was not just a panicked response to the mobs beginning to form outside its walls, but part of a subtle U.S. policy shift over the past two years in which we have increasingly appeased efforts by Muslim diplomats to stigmatize critical examinations of the abuses associated with shariah law as “Islamophobia.” Rather than robustly and unapologetically defending free speech as a universal right and a litmus test distinguishing true democracy from its sham imitations, our own State Department has worked hand in glove with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a bloc of governments heavily influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood that seek to restrict American-style speech rights when it comes to Islam. In 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton advanced these international efforts to curb expression that offends Islamists by defining this not as a suppression of free speech, but merely an effort to curb “incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence.”

How alarmed should we be about our government’s apparent inability to stand up to the Islamist advances? Former Reagan Defense Department official Frank Gaffney has written a critically important pamphlet, The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration, that will make you be afraid, very afraid. We have told you about it in previous notes, but events in the Middle East over the past few days have shown how prophetic this pamphlet is. Gaffney shows in shocking detail the advances the Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups have made in inserting individuals sympathetic to its agenda into important policy making roles in the State Department and other U.S. government agencies. The Brotherhood is not a “largely secular” umbrella organization, as the State Department has said. It is not “moderate.” Rather, it is the vanguard of a revolutionary, ideological mass movemen—sophisticated, patient, and determined—that has spent almost 90 years building its reserves, seeding America and the west with its representatives, and biding its time. Given escalating events of the last week in the Middle East, it obviously believes that its time is now.

For your immediate tax-deductible contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more to the Freedom Center, I’ll rush you a free copy of The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration.

The Brotherhood’s influence is not restricted to Cairo and other Middle Eastern capitals. It has also made a niche for its agenda here in America. That is the subject of The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration. Gaffney tells about several individuals with Islamist sympathies who have been allowed to influence the policies of the current White House. But the focus of this disturbing investigation is Huma Abedin, Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary Clinton, who became a cause célèbre among the progressive Left when a group of conservative Congressmen and women mentioned her in calling for an investigation of individuals with Brotherhood ties on State Department policy.

Abedin has familial connections to the Brotherhood (her father, mother and brother have all been important figures in its American front groups) and before joining the State Department was herself Assistant Editor of the journal published by the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, a known Brotherhood front, where her name appeared on the masthead alongside with that of Abdullah Omar Naseef, the Brotherhood’s (and al Qaeda’s) financier.

The influence exerted by people like Abedin inside this administration—a crucial finger on the scale– can be seen in our government’s “engaging” with Muslim Brotherhood representatives shortly before the “Arab Spring”; in State Department training programs for Brotherhood operatives on how to win elections as part of a course in “democracy theories” following the fall of Hosni Mubarak; in the establishment of formal relations with the Muslim Brotherhood; in Secretary Clinton’s waiver congressional restrictions to transfer $1.5 billion to Egyptian government after Islamist-dominated parliament is installed, on eve of the election of a Muslim Brotherhood president.

How could an American president have instituted policies favorable to a movement that is the godfather group to Hamas, al Qaeda and other terror groups and is dedicated to installing Islamist governments across North Africa and the Middle East, spreading shariah into the West, and exterminating the state of Israel? Read The Muslim Brotherhood and the Obama Administration and you’ll have the answers. You’ll also understand that the whirlwind the U.S. is reaping throughout the Middle East today comes from the wind we sowed during the “Arab Spring” two and a half years ago.

We must educate American citizens to the true nature of the Muslim Brotherhood, its plans for the Muslim world and its penetration of the West through the proliferation of front groups on our college campuses, in policy institutions, and in our government itself.

I need your help to accomplish this mission. I want to distribute 1 million copies of The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration in the next 30 days as the national dialogue continues over what caused the murder of our diplomats in Libya and whether we must diminish free speech rights out of respect to the benighted belief systems of Islamist thugs. To make this happen, I need to raise $250,000 in the next two weeks. Please help by making as generous of a donation as possible. In return, I will send you a free copy of Frank Gaffney’s The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration and be thankful that you have helped me do something good for our country.

We stand at a tipping point in which our values and our social and political institutions are being challenged by Islamic extremism. The choice is stark: fight back or let them win. And losing this fight means losing everything that we stand for.

Thank you for everything you do in arming me in my efforts to educate our citizens, the media and our public officials to the dangers that our nation faces from the forces of terror that seek to destroy everything we stand for.


David Horowitz
President & Founder

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