Honor Killing Caught On Film

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot. 

One need not view the video to get the complete picture.

Egyptians can thank Obama for ushering in the Muslim Brotherhood, which sanctions honor killings through their mullah driven theocracy long since passed when Mubarak was president.

Horrific but typical of the followers of Sharia

Dear probable Muslim Whiner,

On August 15th I issued a challenge to the followers of the cult, Islam.

The question can no longer be asked what is wrong with these sick demented fools; the question is what is right with them.

Followers of a Seventh Century Stone Age pedophile, Mohammed  are taught at the earliest age to kill in the third world, why not, their  so-called religion has brought them little else to do.

Killing they do well, fortunately they kill themselves more often than Christians, Jews and copts.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.


Pamela Geller

Killed in broad daylight while women in Egypt suffer from post-Mubarak insanity and with Sharia Housewife killed in Hariri’s manor in eastern province while the crowds stand by and watch. A cellphone was available to film the gory details.

Notice how the killer is stabbing the woman while she is turtled on the floor with a small blade. Honor killings are becoming more and more common in Egypt, since the toppling of Mubarak.

On April of this year it was reported by Emirates24 that an Egyptian man murdered his three daughters with two cobras. These killings will increase with the Muslim Brotherhood bringing Sharia law back to Egypt.

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6 thoughts on “Honor Killing Caught On Film


  2. Yes. Killing a mullah WOULD be an Honor Killing, wouldn’t it?

    I shudder at what all this is rapidly coming down to. There WILL be blood, all right.

  3. This is Obama’s fault for bringing muslims to the USA. They are uncivilized and pure evil.

  4. Muslims one goal is to dominate the world. Are we just going to sit back and let them take over here? If Obama is reelected, Islam is one stop closer to their goal. He did say in his book that he would side with them!

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  6. أنا باراك حسين أوباما وأنا أعتقد أن هذا هو ولا نخطئ، وهذا هو عادل وأوافق على هذه الرسالة.

    Yes, Obama loves these skuzzballs and their goat loving ways now doesn’t he?

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