Allen West Now Leads Initial Vote Count in One Fla. County by 300 votes

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

After a campaign filled with lies from his competitor, bogus ads funded by his daddy PAC, and $5 million dollars put up by George Soros, it appear the worm may be turning for the good guy.

Rep. Allen West is leading by more than 300 votes in Palm Beach County, Fla., a hopeful sign for the Tea Party favorite fighting for his political life after Tuesday’s election, a source told TheBlaze.

It would be an absolute shame to not have Allen West’s voice in congress, this is why the progressives made him their number one target.

Would they cheat, destroy ballots, rig voting machines?  Of course they would, it’s the Chicago way.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

The Blaze

No winner has been declared in the congressional race between the Republican West and his Democratic opponent Patrick Murphy, though Murphy had a 2,456-vote lead in the unofficial vote total.

But a Republican observer who has been monitoring the counting process said West pulled ahead in Palm Beach County on Thursday as the initial count continues.

Ballot printing errors led to ballots that could not be fed through scanners in some areas, so Florida election workers have been forced to reproduce their contents onto new ballots that can be read properly, the observer said. As the votes are counted for the first time, West has taken a slim lead.

It’s a separate issue from what’s happening in St. Lucie County, where West has demanded a recount over “disturbing irregularities.” He filed a motion Wednesday to have paper ballots counted and to impound voting machines and all paper ballots cast, WFOR-TV reported.

The observer called St. Lucie County more Republican in makeup while Palm Beach County is a mix but overall Democratic.

“The fact that he is ahead, period, even in this county is a good sign,” the observer said.

Freelance writer Charles C. Johnson contributed to this report.

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5 thoughts on “Allen West Now Leads Initial Vote Count in One Fla. County by 300 votes

  1. At least we had one GOP Candidate with the back bone to demand a recount!

  2. and they said the Rebs are the biggest cheaters….they are the scourge of the country but they do win al ot dont they.. wonder if Obama cheated? lol

  3. Yes, why didn’t Romney demand a recount? It was awful close to just sit down and play dead so quick. All the votes weren’t counted by any stretch of the imagination in Ohio so how did they declare him a winner there? They had thousands of write ins left to count but they just handed it over to BO. I just don’t get it. Not at all. Good luck to Allen West!

  4. Why SURELY no one believes the left might have engaged in fraud at the polls!

  5. Fraud is the only way the left can get enough votes to win!

    Go West! Stick it to ’em!

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