Perspective: As the White House continues to smear General (ret.) David Petraeus and a complient media piles on have we considered all possibilities?

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

We would be negligent by failing to put this into perspective and question whether this is a lie to discredit the General so that he would not testify on the CIA’s response in the Benghazi nightmare.

When we see head line like this, ‘Bombshell story is just a smoke screen for something bigger.” 

Must it be believed or should we remember that this is an administration that spends as much time campaigning as they do ginning up lies while in their cover up mode?

In a matter of National Security properly reported the past summer using the proper chain of command, why did Team Obama choose to hide this information for such a significant period including through the election?   An obvious rhetorical. 

Liars do what the do best, lie, while at the same time smearing a patriot and hanging him out to dry. 

The stories that continue to come from the White House and the Press are in complete conflict.  Clearly it would have not been in the best interest of those involved in the multiple cover ups to allow General David Petraeus testify.

The FBI knew about the affair between CIA Director Petraeus and Paula Broadwell last summer, notified both Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert Mueller at that time.

Where did the investigation go from there?

FBI agents interviewed Broadwell “for the first time the week of Oct. 21,” according to The Times.

Broadwell admitted to the affair, and handed over her computer, which turned out to contain classified documents. Broadwell denied that Petraeus had been the source of the documents.

A week later, the FBI interviewed Petraeus, who also admitted to the affair and also denied that he had leaked documents to Broadwell. Broadwell was interviewed once more on Nov. 2, four days before the presidential election.

By all accounts, he was a warrior, a brilliant tactician, responsible for the surge that got the U.S. Military back into Afghanistan. 

Why do this to a man that has always put the Constitution first since he put on his uniform and took his oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. 

Few members of Congress take their oaths with the same degree of honor, had they done so, Barack Hussein Obama would have never been elected and in the event he was he likely would have been impeached. 

Should the General have submitted his resignation when it became evident from the FBI many months earlier that he was having an affair?  Absolutely.  He broke the officers code of conduct, UCMJ, Conduct unbecoming and officer. 

Back to perspective for a moment, Eisenhower had a long standing affair during WWII, John F. Kennedy was know to have had multiple sexual engagements while president even in the White House.  

Of course there was Bill playing with his intern Monica who taught each other a few things about cigars while Monica taught Bill about DNA.

These men were all commander’s-in chief, where was the outcry for their resignation.  Of course there wasn’t one.

Be sure the Petraeus affair was not about sex it was to destroy the reputation of a great man, a warrior, patriot and a hero so that he would not testify in contradiction to the plethora of lies and cover ups at this moment in all probability currently being spun.

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4 thoughts on “Perspective: As the White House continues to smear General (ret.) David Petraeus and a complient media piles on have we considered all possibilities?

  1. You’re absolutely right, Jim.The question now is, will Petraeus testify anyway and expose Barack Obama and his Regime for the corrupt tactics of gun running and active responsibility in the murder of 4 Americans.
    It is Petraeus’ decision. We’ll find out a great deal about the General and his REAL character over the next days or weeks.

  2. If Petraeus has any honor with himself, his family and his country, he will testify and tell “the truth”. Only time will tell. If he does get the chance to testify and truthfully he will have to get by one big hurdle………his untimely death……….a la George Patton as one example.

  3. Smoke and mirrors. What’s happening is a slow purge of all US General Ofiecrs and Admirals unsympathetic to the Socialist Ideal.

  4. Nothing should prevent General Petraeus from testifying to the “truth”!

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