Obama’s White House Press Conference

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

President Barack Hussein Obama held his first press conference in over 8 months demonstrating that he had a great deal he didn’t wish to previously disclose, or that he failed to understand the power of the “Bully Pulpit.”

Incredulously he even planned to save the world from man induced climate changed caused by Carbon. 

Head up, bone head, it an entire world, China, India and other sane countries are planning on reducing Carbon out put so why do you continue to beat a dead horse?

The event, predictably was filled with his usual lies and deceit.  Apparently he forgets that he had both houses in congress the first two years in which he failed to get much of substance taken care of. 

Are We the People to suspect he will act differently in a second term? 

Obama Promises George Soros We’ll Raise Taxes

Obama’s use of the bully pulpit rarely had a positive result

The conference held in the White House Press Briefing Room was cordial and predictably began thirty-four minutes late. 

Is there really an excuse for the most powerful executive in the entire world to be late? 

Bummer I have to do a press conference.

Perhaps he had to change out of his golf clothes and be called in from the back nine?

No teleprompter was in evidence and none needed as the questions were soft balls which the president easily handled. 

Those he couldn’t he punted citing inappropriateness to comment on an ongoing investigation,  a predictable cover.

He incessantly pounded home the need to save the middle class by making sure the top two percent of taxpayers paid “their fair share.” 

Another lie from the liar-in-thief the rich pay more than their fair share.

He did this ad nausea while proving once again he will never give up on trying to divide the country and class warfare will be one of his tools to do so.

His plans to put the middle class to work were the same tired clichés from the first four years, using a public works program he would expand the federal government and not the private sector by building roads, bridges and taking care of America’s infrastructure. 

Again the middle class must not be held hostage to protect the top 2% by allowing the economy to go over the fiscal cliff.

The upside of allowing the United States Economy to go over the ‘Fiscal Cliff’

When asked regarding Benghazi and breaches of security by a reporter, Obama predictably dodged the question.

Curiously when asked did you issue an order to protect Americans on the ground in Benghazi  Obama answered affirmatively, claiming if people think we didn’t do everything possible to protect civilians they lack an understanding of the military and CIA protocol.

This was a complete contradiction, remembering General  Carter Hamm who was relieved of command immediately when he advised the White House he was ignoring the order to stand down and lifting off. 

Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette was also relieved of command immediately for responding in the same manner. (more below)

In what might be called his President George W. Bush “Cowboy moment” when asked about U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice being attacked for going on the talk show circuit and while still trying to sell the lie that it was the video and an unplanned attack Obama said, anyone attacking the Ambassador must come after me.  In a slip of the tongue he implicated himself directly by saying that he told her to go on the networks to spread more of this nonsense and lies.

In conclusion, again acting like the tough guy, Obama said in response to a question dealing with Iran that they would not get nuclear weapons on his watch and that he saw no reason they couldn’t have nuclear energy and not develop weapons grade uranium.  Of course he prefers continued negotiations why not, they have worked so well haven’t they?

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6 thoughts on “Obama’s White House Press Conference

  1. Wait for The Caligula Moment. It’s coming.

    If he can’t put his horse in the Senate he will put Kerry as Sec’y of Defense and Rice as Sec’y of State. It’s a start on the stable.

  2. Of course I missed this! It is now day eight of watching NCIS and Castle reruns for me.Yes, once in a blue moon I flip to FOX, but I learned my lesson when I saw that Susan Rice would be Secy. of State. I’m counting on you JC to keep me up to date with your daily blog. And I am no longer hoarse from yelling at the TV.


    Fair winds, following seas,
    Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
    United States Navy Retired
    USNA Class of 1975

  4. how’d this get through…I thought I blocked you

  5. I wish an American (Romney) had won the election instead of that damned Indonesian (Barry Sotoro).

  6. If only I could walk up to this jerk and smack him up side the head! He, obviously, hasn’t thought as far as his nose- – after all these other businesses close, who will be working and paying taxes? Not enough to pay the bill.

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