Latino Poverty Rate Soars, NBC Latino Whines About Romney Pointing Out The Obvious

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Hispanic and Latino voters have so much more in common with Republicans than the progressive movement.

They value the work ethic, for the most part are Catholic, and oppose abortion.

As Republicans get their act together, they will win the hearts and minds of this demographic.  They are not among those looking for the “Free stuff.”

Republicans must develop and implement a credible immigration strategy that allow those born in the U.S. to have a pathway to citizenship.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

The Shark Tank

by Lone Shark

As 71% of Hispanics voted to re-elect President Obama, here’s their reward for supporting an individual whose economic policies are wreaking havoc across the landscape- record poverty among Latinos.

Unfortunately, the hard truth is that far too many Hispanics are being cravenly misled by one man, President Barack Obama, and now they’re paying the price as a result- Latinos as a group now have less freedom, less economic opportunity, and are having a lower quality of life imposed on them.

Many of them fell prey to the lies,  immigration fear mongering, and the straight out bribes of the Obama campaign.

These outcomes- 28% of Latinos now classified as living in poverty- are not what Latinos knowingly voted for, and unfortunately, Obama knows that far too many Latinos are susceptible to his rhetoric, demagoguery and empty promises.

Hispanics will hopefully someday learn that they’ve been lied to by Democrats, but in the interim, there will be much needless economic pain and suffering that will fall heavy on Hispanics.- NBC Latino however has better things to report on, such as chiding Mitt Romney for calling attention to Obama’s blatant bribery of targeted voter groups, including Latinos.

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3 thoughts on “Latino Poverty Rate Soars, NBC Latino Whines About Romney Pointing Out The Obvious

  1. Accept it, regardless of how we feel about their illegal influx we are going to make the 12 million + illegal immigrants legal. Why? Because by identifying them we can tax them as they become more affluent, getting better jobs because of the free education we are providing them. THAT is what will extend our Social Security system – new money being poured into it. These people are workers and they will contribute.

  2. Majwood, how will illegals make us more affluent if given amnesty? The vast majority don’t earn enough money to pay federal income taxes. Some Illegals already file taxes to get a check from the U.S. treasury via the earned income credit. Are you aware that 75% of legal Mexican immigrants in the U.S. already are receiving some sort of welfare payment? I’m not sure where you get your information but your conclusions are inaccurate.

  3. Latinos are morons for voting for Obama. They get what the voted for. More poverty.

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