Mr. Boehner: Stop Compromising And Start Impeaching!

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

There is little question that Obama must be impeached or tried for treason.

In the mean time wouldn’t it make better sense to get rid of John “The white flag waver,” Boehner and replace him with Paul Ryan or Eric Cantor, or any member of the House of Representatives that how consistently shown they have a spine?

Boehner is a cave in artist and consistently leaves his spine when the going gets tough in the congressional cloak room.

Yep it’s John Boehner

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

The Western Journalism Center


That’s the message we’re sending to Mr. Boehner and so-called Republican leaders because we’re sick and tired of their cowardice and their betrayals and we’re not going to take it anymore.

Republican leaders put out marching orders over two years ago. Any talk of impeachment from any Congressman or Senator would NOT be tolerated.

Why? Because they foolishly and erroneously thought that standing up for the Constitution would cost them the 2012 election; and now, some of them are finally coming to realize what patriotic Americans have known all along… that it was their refusal to stand up and do their Constitutional duty that cost them the election.

And now that the realization is starting to sink into their rather thick skulls, it’s time to push the argument. It’s time to make it clear to our so-called Republican leaders… It’s time to STOP CAPITULATING and START IMPEACHING.

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6 responses to “Mr. Boehner: Stop Compromising And Start Impeaching!

  1. Frankenstein Government

    Dude, the GOP sold you out a long time ago. How long are you going to continue to believe in this charade of two party politics? It is one giant party full of greedy bastards intent on expanding the control of government.

    There is no need to argue. Just look at the evidence. I will wager 10k with you right now…the GOP caves and we kick the can. Again. and Again. And Again.

  2. I agree to impeach but after this election i also agree with Frankenstein Government. Somehow ethics, truth, honor, integrity has been lost. The mighty greed has taken over. The power is like a severe addiction and they all suffer this addiction. We the people pay for it.

  3. I’m tired of the same old spineless, sniveling cowards in the Republican Party, giving in to the democrats EVERYTIME they cross their eyes. Get rid of Boehner and put someone in charge who will continually stand up to the Dem’s and that disgrace of a president without bending or getting teary eyed!
    We The People are fed up with your “Good Ole Boy” business as usual !!!!!!

  4. JC, Like I told you, the time is NOW to rid ourselves of the supposed two party system and start a Third Party and NOT WAIT till it is too late…The Bush Crime Family had twelve years to bring us closer to the wishes of the NWO. Now it is a dictator who very well could be this Country’s LAST prez….Unless you have a vested interest in the Repub party, WHO WOULD YOU RATHER SEE FIGHT FOR OUR REPUBLIC ??? THESE GREEDY, LYING REPUBS WHO ARE ONLY CONCERNED FOR THEIR OWN WEALTH ??? OR SINCERE PATRIOTS WHO WANT TO PRESERVE THE GOVT AS I ONCE KNEW IT, A MUCH SMALLER GOVT ????

  5. The morons of this country continue to elect these spineless idiots . WHY?? A wise man said to me recently that there are just too many takers in America today . How the hell are the takers going to be supported when all of the honest taxpayers are gone ? Will the Fed just print more worthless dollars ? And them what ? Do we just call China and ask [ beg ] them to send us more food and clothes ? What used to be a nation of rational people has done a complete 180 degree turn and is happily leading itself down the path to total destruction . We need real Americans as leaders , people who still believe in America . Not the wimps and pussies that currently occupy positions in the senate and House . Boehner is nothing more than a walking surrender flag . The last election should have been a time of house-cleaning but instead , we still have a bunch of self-centered batch of ” what’s in it for me ? ” assholes who claim to represent us sitting in every office from the hometown level to the D.C. level . I want to live long enough to see some real Americans wake up and stand tall for the real America . As it stands now , good men are standing by , doing nothing and sure enough evil is becoming triumphant . By the way , the Supreme Court can be over-ruled —- BY US . Think about it for just a minute . These people are not Gods . This is still our country and I’m not willing to give up my little piece of it . No matter who stands in my way . At 64yrs old I can still walk the walk . Been there — done that . Willing to go again .

  6. That’s a great idea,hurry please,before isreal is bombarded! Before china forcloses on us,before he appoints another soicalist simpleton to be xzar of something,when they should be sent to elementary school,…on the short bus.
    The time for our so called SERVENTS in D C. To serve the lowly taxpayer has come! Make a dedicated effort to impeach this dettriment to our c0untry, his love is for the sand dwellers, not the citizens of the United States of America!

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