Muslim Brotherhood Youth Killed In Attack at Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters in Damanhour During Anti-Morsi Protests

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

The followers of Mohammed are indeed an odd lot. 

Born and bred to kill, members of the Muslim Brotherhood are expressing outrage over the death of one of their younger members?

Perhaps they are having difficulty remembering that they train their youth to become suicide bombers without giving it a second thought.

Guest Author

Assad Elepty

Egypts Muslim Brotherhood members are enraged following news that a 15-year-old Muslim Brotherhood member was killed after an attack on the MB headquarters in Damanhour. Muslim, Fathy Masoud, 15, was killed and 60 others injured after the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in Damanhour were attacked.

Fathy Masoud

Muslim Brotherhood member Mohammed Abu Homar had to be restrained by fellow members following the news of the attack on their office and the death of the 15 year old. Another Brotherhood member declared “they are infidels, we will teach them a lesson, have they forgotten who we are?” (Complete article below)

In response the Brotherhood has officially called on all their members to participate in mass demonstrations across Egypt.  Wael Ghomein speaking in Cairo said, “they {MB} are not calling on their members to demonstrate, they are sending their thugs out to confront us, they are desperate to stop our demonstration against Morsi’s decrees”.

Secular leader Abdul Hassan added “They want to remove us from Tahrir, the dogs want a violent showdown because the Brotherhood have 1000’s of violent hard-line Islamist that were freed from prisons across Egypt by Morsi”.

19 year old Faoud another protestor in Tahrir said “we did not bring down Mubarak for the Brotherhood; this is not why our brothers and friends sacrificed their lives during the 18 day revolution. We have the right to protest here, we do not want a confrontation and more violence”

Egypt is bracing itself for what is set to be wide spread violence acroos the nation, Morsi’sdecree has united the liberals and secularists, the country is divided between islamists and those seeking a democratic state.

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5 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood Youth Killed In Attack at Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters in Damanhour During Anti-Morsi Protests

  1. Well I hope those who are fighting against Morsi defeat him. But I won’t hold my breath. It is somewhat conforting to know that there are muslims out there that do want peace and democracy and to just live their lives. I really pray they are will not lose this battle. Even though I ‘m sure when push comes to shove even the liberals and secular muslims would slit our throats too given a chance. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Muslims killing muslims is the way it should be.

  3. One down, eight hundred million to go.

  4. There are many Christians and many people who are secular in Egypt. Before the muslims invaded in the 7th century, and violently took control, Egypt had become a Christian nation, through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ who is the opposite character of Allah. The character of Allah is distant, capricious, uncaring, unloving, there is nothing Allah would do for people. There is some evidence that the nature of Allah is linked to a god out of the polytheistic background that Mohammed was trained in by his uncle. His uncle was a priest of the gods that at that time were housed in the kaaba. Mohammed never gave up the practices he was taught by his uncle as he developed his new idea of only one god. His close companions asked him to give up the pagan practices associated with the kaaba, but Mohammed refused and taught his followers to worship at the kaaba. Mohammed followed his lusts as he led his followers. He never submitted himself to the laws of the living eternal God. His followers were instructed to imitate him, and he was a flawed man. Jesus Christ, being the physical manifestation of the eternal God, is the only man who has ever lived that can be imitated, Christians were taught by Jesus to examine the heart and lay aside earthly lusts. Mohammed’s followers were taught to
    focus on the external–have I pointed my body in the right direction to pray? Have I washed with water (or sand) before
    praying? Is everyone in a straight row? Are the women segregated away? Have I made sure that everyone around me is submitted? (Islam means submission). The prayer must be in Arabic or Allah won’t hear the recitation of the Qur’an and therefore you won’t get your brownie points to help you over the sword blade that separates you from paradise. Numerous rules must be obeyed so that the scales will be weighted in your favor.
    Jesus Christ, came from eternity into the world for the express purpose of saving people from the wickedness man chooses because of the freedom of choice God had built into our beings.
    God made us in the image of Himself, the Bible says. God is capable of choosing every time to do the just and good thing, but mankind frequently chooses to do the wrong thing. Jesus Christ came to show us how to have eyes that see with love for Him and love for fellow human beings. He taught us to think about the needs of others. We still fall short of God’s perfection, but we have an example of living that was of a different nature. And we have the example of Christ giving himself on the cross to pay for our sins. It’s central to Christ’s teaching that we “pick up your cross and follow me”.
    That means, if you want to be my follower, lay down your
    life for others. He said, “don’t fear, I am with you to the end of the age.” and after being in the grave 3 days he rose
    from the dead, conquering death, being “first-born
    from the dead”.

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