Sherrie (Lea) Laird – The Woman Who Discovered Alex Jones’ CIA Ties

41549_100001921669893_1469664278_nComment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Your humble correspondent has never been a big fan of Alex Jones and Infowars. 

That being said, this article is sure to get conspiracy buffs all excited



It has always seemed that he put out ideas that rarely came to pass, from FEMA camps to federal troops being deployed in our towns.

InfoWars Hires Former Analyst of CIA-Front Stratfor – Molly Maroney, Infowars Editor-In-Chief

I did locate her alleged resume here.

Is Stratfor Global Intelligence an Israeli owned company?

All that may be said for this one is that it’s an interesting read and believe what you choose to believe. 


Sherrie (Lee) Laird gave us an incredible 4 hour interview on Nsearch Radio on November 27th

She has been at the center of news in the alternative media that has gone mega viral.  She was one of Alex Jones’ biggest fans that wrote to the InfoWars teams almost every day for years and gave them an incredible amount of information.

Recently she got an email from Molly Maroney that is the head editor at InfoWars that didnt’ sit right with her.  She started doing research on exactly who Molly Maroney was and was shocked to find her resume online that listed her jobs as CIA Analyst and as having worked for the Israeli owned STATFOR company!  When she innocently asked Molly if this was her or not, she was immediately banned from the websites and ignored.  (the rest below)

She reached out to her other friends that were also InfoWars fans and if they simply asked about Molly’s ties to the CIA and STATFOR they were all banned from Alex Jones’ sites also.  This story went Mega Viral when she appeared on the Pete Santilli show first to discuss her discoveries about Alex Jones.  Nsearch Radio got Sherrie next and we gave her (4) hours to spill the beans about everything she discovered about Alex Jones and many other very interesting topics that I’ll be digging into also.

Be sure to also check out this article for much more information on what we’ve gathered about Alex Jones that clearly shows that he has lied and censored important information from his fans such as preventing Dr. Coldwell who is curing over 92% with Natural Cures!  We have the evidence that (4) doctors plus Mike Adams – Alex’s cohost have repeated begged Alex Jones to put Dr. Coldwell on the show becuase he has the best cancer cure rate on the planet!…

Here’s the interview we did with Sherrie that will be turned into a video as soon as possible.

You can also get to all our shows on Itunes by searching the Podcasts for “Nsearch Radio”

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7 thoughts on “Sherrie (Lea) Laird – The Woman Who Discovered Alex Jones’ CIA Ties

  1. My Army Reserve (San Diego USARC) office in the early 80s was right across the hall from 1St PsychOps. Lair’d remarks sound like one of their Table Exercises.

    Her sort of Ad Hominum attacks are of the type that wouldn’t hold up to cross-examination in a court of law.

    Jones obviousaly has his own Agendas. So do the people who get paid to attack him.

    You can seperate those who talk about ISSUES (such as Jones) from those who attack PERSONALITIES (such as Laird). As to who’s the most >interesting< of the two, I'd rather have a few beers with Jones than a latte with Ms Laird. Both are intense personalities of the type Eric Hoffer termed True Believers.

    "nuff said.

  2. Comment to Ryan Hall. By Jim Campbell

    Did I say she was related to Strafer or the CIA? Did you read the article? You ask me where my brains are, how about taking a reading comprehension course my friend after you do you can come back and apologize for being an asshole aright? P.S. What makes you an authority on anything? BTW I’ll put my brains up against yours anytime my friend. I’m J.C and I run this circus.

    Sherrie Lee Laird is a RIDICULOUS fruitcake NUT. I KNOW HER PERSONALLY. She believes she is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe and that some MORTAL DUDE named “Brian GoLightly Leonard Marshall” is her “God”. YES she literally does believe these things.

    Also people should question her “research” methods because they are NOT even CLOSE to being “scientific” NOR are the conclusions she draws “logical” in ANY WAY, shape, or form …

    if she had tried to bring this stuff up in a COURT OF LAW, she would be THROWN OUT or found IN CONTEMPT. Or be found insane — for that is what she is. She seriously needs to stop. Molly has NEVER been proven to be a “CIA Agent” (working for Stratfor as an INTERN (interns do NOT get paid) does not mean that you work for the CIA when you are barely 20-something!!!)

    My god… WHERE are you people’s BRAINS?!

  3. From my sources, Molly Maroney was hired by Alex Jones in late 4th Quarter of 2012, as Editor and Chief of new InfoWars Monthly Magazine. Ms. Maroney has worked directly with CIA, and is a former employee of Stratfor. Mr. Jones must be fully aware of her background working directly for the CIA and Stratfor. This raises very serious issues concerning the validity and true agenda, of the Alex Jones Show. In my opinion, it questions the very truth of Mr. Jones Patriotism.

  4. Curiouser and couriouser, folks!

    But not everything coming out of the CIA (which is a country unto itself) CounterIntelPro offices (shades of James Jesus Angleton’s days) is smoke and mirrors. Sometimes the images reflected (and we all know reflections may be opposite views of something real) are valid.

    Assuming that Jones isn’t working for somebody else – or that he’s his own free agent altogether.

    Jesus put these matters best “By their fruits shall ye know them.”

  5. Ryan Hall on face book stalks me aka Sherrie and have had lots of run ins with this alex jones employee. we all know him well

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