On being spoon fed mush by the intellectual giants at CNN

images-2Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Yesterday we wrote on the 2nd Amendment 7th Circuit decision Moor v. Madigan, here was something left out from the comment section.


Google, Pierce Morgan and you will find this introduction; “Piers Morgan Tonight, the new weekday 9pm interview show is unpredictable lively challenging fun entertainment on CNN.”


Nowhere do they mention intelligent and credible information provided during the hour. 

That would go for the entire network.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message. 
Piers Morgan said, via Twitter: “The 2nd Amendment was devised with muskets in mind, not high-powered handguns & assault rifles. Fact.

Author Carol Roth, who pointed out that the Second Amendment “was devised for people to be able to protect themselves with the same type of weaponry used by those from whom they might need protection.”

Morgan’s answer to Roth set up one of the greatest intellectual smack downs in Internet history: “Where exactly does it say that in the Constitution – must have missed it?”

Roth lowered the boom: “Right next to the word ‘muskets.’”

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4 thoughts on “On being spoon fed mush by the intellectual giants at CNN

  1. Well up in the North West a Nut went haywire with a gun ,killed 2 people and took his own life .
    The arguments will be piped by both sides and the facts ignored .
    The facts are that this individual is no longer .
    and the trial will not be lengthy.
    It is triadic that innocent people were killed and injured .
    It happens everyday on our Hwy’s and there seems little Outrage .
    The police never fired a shot and in that Mall I’m sure that there were people carrying weapons and did not use them for the same reason the police did not use them
    Good Fire Arm training .
    The question always comes up, What can be done about it ? Not a Thing.
    An individual who is intent on giving up his life in order to take life and terrorize is unstoppable . The only way to stop an idiot is to attempt something just as insane if you doubt this tell me the sanity in running towards the sound of gunfire .
    Take away all the Guns ?
    A few years back a man upset with his family over the Holidays walked in to the Christmas dinner gathering with a gallon of gas and burned himself and most of his family up .
    The only realistic answer is be aware .
    Take the Hit that just took place in NY . A man with hi head up his ass Tweeting , He might have known his killer . His killer surly knew him . But like so many of us believe the government will protect us . When in reality only you can do that and your greatest advantage is to simply be AWARE. We all pride ourselves in being able to see into another’s hart when we chirp out that there Raciest or bigot when the reality is 99% of have never talked to the guy next door.

  2. Good article, JC. There is so much I wanted to say but you pretty well covered it!

  3. Banning all guns will not keep them out of the hands of the criminals and the lunatics. I think we should keep our guns and ban liberals like Piers Morgan from spewing their tainted, anti-American propaganda on the air.

  4. JC, The issue is will or won’t we be allowed to own firearms? If if it is the latter, how do they intend to take them away ?? sotero is a big fan of taxing, let’s hope this would be his choice.. If not, I can see problems brewing that will cause MAJOR problems.. All we can do at this point is to wait and see….

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