Has Ann Barnhardt been arrested by the Feds?


 Comment by Jim Campbell Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Readers at this site will remember Ann Barnhardt as the female dynamo who has been conducting her own private war with corruption on many levels in our government.



She among many others myself included don’t buy what Obama is selling regarding the death nor the timing of the raid to kill Osama bin Laden.

Her seminal article can be read here:  The Execution Of SEAL Team Six

Now those interested must ponder where is Ann Barnhardt, she has written nothing since November and do the FEDS actually have her.  My hope, she has gone to ground.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

December 18, 2012

Ann Barnhardt declared a tax strike and had her bank account seized by the IRS in November. She has not posted on her site for nine days. Does anyone know what is going on with her?

A Discussion With Ann Barnhardt About Her Tax Strike

Home – by BigFurHat – November 21, 2012 – 17:45 America/New_York – 63 Comments

I called Ann to discuss her tax strike, its reason, its ramifications and what the end game is.

Try and look past the audio quality. This was truly a spontaneous moment, and I never told Ann that I was in the Jacuzzi. (Talk about emasculation.)

I told Ann we would post this and we would read your comments and Ann would give her reaction to your thoughts during a follow-up interview sometime this evening.

Part Two
Part Three

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5 thoughts on “Has Ann Barnhardt been arrested by the Feds?

  1. I certainly hope not…Bot if she is, it just goes to show how far this regime will go to further its goal by silencing the Cause…

  2. I believe that anyone like Ann Barnhardt who dares to think
    about as well as ask the hard questions that the mainstream news
    media,( including FOX News,) is failing to do, and/or is seeking to
    expose the truth by standing up for herself and for our eroding
    liberty as a free nation, is, I fear, going to be the subject of
    persecution by our government. Call it evil in high places if you
    will. In these end times, Satan is looking for a source of human
    political power to give him reign over the entire world, hence the
    creation of the forthcoming, “One World Government” I believe that up
    until recently America has long prevented this new world order from
    coming to fruition. This also explains, at least in my mind, why
    Obama, despite his terrible track record during his first term as
    president, was elected again.
    During his first term, Obama commissioned the training of 16,000 more IRS agents. I believe this is why there is a spanking brand new state-of-the-art federal prison facility sitting empty in the Montana countryside and why the federal government just spent millions buying
    and refurbishing a big prison facility outside of Chicago. I think
    these places and others like them that are being bought or built by
    the federal government will eventually be used for people who oppose
    this government. In Ann’s case, the public charges might be that she
    refused to pay her federal income taxes, but we all know the real
    reason. People who dare to speak the truth like Ann are political
    dissidents and therefore her voice and others like hers, must be
    silenced, or frightened into silence with the threat of fines and/or
    Ann is right about Osama Bin Ladin too. I think that Donald Trump’s
    investigators hit pay dirt about who Barrack Hussein Obama really is
    and that Trump backed off because he and the lives of his family were
    threatened by Obama’s puppet masters behind the the scenes. Then, the
    whole investigation was suddenly forgotten about in the wake of the
    glowing headlines, “WE KILLED BIN LADIN”. “WE” killed someone, only
    it was not Osama Bin Ladin. Like Ann Barnhardt, I believe he has
    already been dead for years. In fact, I remember hearing on the news
    back when George W. Bush was still in office that he had died after a
    lengthy illness. Cancer, perhaps? Who “WE” allowed to die in vain were the members of the Navy Seal Team Six who participated in the raid in Pakistan. “WE” also endangered the lives of their families and friends by revealing their mission to the world. Now “WE” have lied about and covered up the vicious murders of four American citizens in Benghazi, Libya.
    This morning I heard a report that they are blaming the attack on our
    embassy on Ambassador Chris Stevens! Let’s face it. Given the right
    set of circumstances, those four Americans could have been you or me
    or someone we know and love. Our government is ruthless when their
    agenda, either domestic or foreign, is placed in or perceived to be in
    jeopardy by those willing to stand for truth and for justice.

    The people who have seized control of our government in Washington
    are not fooling me one bit!


  3. She tweeted on Dec 9th.

  4. If she has been taken into custody, lets go and get her !
    we have to start now or they will win.


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