Scott Brown Writes Ticket for GOP Defeat Does He?

images-1Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Enough for the hysteria of the hard right. 

scott-brownSenator Scott Brown. (Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo/CBS via Getty Images)

Polls show that Scott Brown is a heavy favorite to win John “reporting for duty with the Purple Heart I received for a self inflicted gunshot wound so I could get and early out and become a war protestor Kerry’s senate seat.

Would you rather a Democrat won instead?

The assault weapons ban is DOA, it will not make it through the House of Representatives.  Remember 2014 all members on both sides of the aisle are up for election. 

Just thinking out loud.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.


Scott Brown, Republican former senator from Massachusetts, is showing the exactly wrong/incorrect way to do it. Scott Brown is writing the ticket to guarantee Republican defeat, based on what we know. I’m not gonna repeat the whole first hour. I’m not gonna repeat any of it.

I realize some of you low-information voters are just now getting up. (laughing) What am I talking about? They’re not even listening here! Never mind. Sorry, folks. Here’s the Scott Brown news: “Scott Brown of Massachusetts on Wednesday became the first sitting Republican senator to voice support for a federal assault weapons ban after the Newtown, Conn., shootings. Brown failed to win re-election in November, however, and won’t be in Congress to vote on gun legislation.” ( more below including Rush Limbaugh’s take)

He said, “As a state legislator in Massachusetts, I supported an assault weapons ban thinking other states would follow suit. But unfortunately they have not and innocent people are being killed.” He has guaranteed that, if he’s gonna stay a Republican, he’s gonna lose forever now. This is how Republicans lose. He may pick up some independents with it, but I don’t even think he’s gonna do that.

This is how Republicans lose. They move to the left. They get embarrassed of who they are. They become afraid of espousing conservative principles, and they move to the left, and they water themselves down, and they lose. Perfect example. What Scott Brown is doing here is exactly what the Republican Party has been doing. It’s what they’re doing now. By the way, they lose the election and what do they do?

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2 responses to “Scott Brown Writes Ticket for GOP Defeat Does He?


  2. Scott Brown and too many others fail to realize that school, theater, mall and church massacres occur “because” they are “gun free zones” – -created by the anti-gun groups and their “paid” socialist/progressive representatives, who continue to DEMAND gun bans! They FAIL to understand that if “law abiding citizens” were “allowed” to “carry” in these public places; there would NO damage, or FAR LESS damage than what has been created thus far! Gun free zones do NOT DETER criminals, nor the mentally unstable- -they only PREVENT law abiding citizens from “protecting” themselves and others!

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