Treacherous waters ahead for gun control advocates

images-1Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Examiner writer Andy Martin make excellent points as he catalogues the results of legislators who attempt to take away our Constitutional rights.

As he points out, the Clinton, so-called Assault Weapon ban of 1996 was proved to be a abject failure in the Columbine murders in 1999.


Who do our elected officials believe they are when they can turn everyday citizens into criminals;  because they believe they should be able to protect themselves, from muggers, rapists, murders, car jackers and home invaders. 

It is the view of this editor that normal law abiding citizens will be putting pressure on politicians to allow them to carry concealed weapons after completing training courses to do so. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message. 

The Examiner

Writing in an op-ed piece for the Washington Post Saturday, Scott Higham, Sari Horwitz, David S. Fallis, and Joel Achenback stated that treacherous waters lie ahead for gun control advocates. The reason is the history of the movement to limit the Constitutional rights of citizens, which shows that such attempts have usually backfired. Complete article below.
The Riverview Gun Sales shop of East Windsor, Conn.
The Riverview Gun Sales shop of East Windsor, Conn.
(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)


The most recent example of the attempt to enact gun bans and new limitations on the Second Amendment, which is one of the original “Bill of Rights” encompassing the first 10 amendments of the Constitution, is the Clinton assault weapons ban of 1994.

The Columbine school massacre of 1999 was the proof that such a ban failed.

But politically the Democrats took such a beating at the polls that not only did they lose both houses of Congress but it would be 2006 before they could regain power.

The writers of the Washington Post piece believe that it was clearly the gun ban that led to the shellacking the Democrats took at the voting booth. They further maintain that this history provides a cautionary tale for politicians and activist groups that seek to limit gun rights in the wake of the Newtown school massacre.

Detractors claim that America has changed since the 1990s, and in many ways it has. But when it comes to gun rights, the manner in which America has changed seems to indicate a trend toward affirming the right of individual citizens to own and carry guns. Gun sales are at historic highs. And each time a gun ban advocate such as Obama gets reelected, or a group of politicians begin to talk about bans on certain types of firearms, Americans overwhelmingly vote with their pocketbooks to head down to the gun stores to buy up the very types of weapons the politicians vow to ban. Such has been the case in recent weeks with so-called assault weapons, which are not assault weapons at all but semiautomatic firearms with large capacity magazines. Fully automatic weapons, such as machine guns, are already illegal for citizens to purchase.

According to gun stores across the country, sales for semiautomatic firearms have soared to historic levels, and firearms dealers are having trouble keeping up with the demand.

Perhaps the citizens themselves know something that anti-gun politicians and their advocates in the mainstream media assume they do not know, that possession of these types of weapons did not cause the Newtown massacre and banning them will not prevent such incidents from occurring in the future, no more than Clinton’s assault weapons ban prevented the Columbine massacre.

And gun violence is down in the years since the Clinton gun ban expired and in the wake of two Supreme Court rulings that affirm the individual right of citizens to keep and bear arms.

What, then, is the reason for the current push for gun bans and more gun control?

Given that current laws regarding sales of firearms did not fail since the perpetrator stole the weapons from his mother, and given that Connecticut already has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation, why would politicians and gun ban advocates wish to use the massacre in order to promote a gun ban agenda?

Conservatives and gun rights activists believe that the reason for the current push for gun control is purely an ideological phenomenon that has nothing whatsoever to do with saving lives.

One elderly firearms enthusiast, Rufus Jarrell of Greenville County, S.C., stated that he remembers when there were very few restrictions on guns yet one never heard of school massacres. In fact, he said, one never heard of mass shootings of any kind.

The difference, he maintains, was values. At one time America was united by a certain set of values stemming from our Judeo-Christian heritage. That day is long gone. Thus, when church on Sundays is not a must, when God and the Bible became illegal to mention in schools, particularly with regard to teaching morals and ethics, and when the producers of movies, games, and music no longer adhered to basic standards of decency and opted instead to push violence and carnage 24/7 to our youth, what America wound up with in the end was an entire generation that knows little or nothing about decency, respect, honesty, integrity, and kindness.

It should come as no surprise, then, that acts of extreme violence against other human beings, even small children, would result. After all, Jarrell said, this is the society that has murdered multimillions of unborn babies for nothing more than expediency.

These facts point to what gun rights advocates say is an attempt on the part of certain politicians and citizens, who usually exhibit a globalist mentality that is willing to sacrifice any and all individual rights for the good of the society as a whole, to disarm individuals so that nothing would serve as a barrier to complete government control of the lives of citizens.

The very fact that the United Nations has proposed a treaty to enact worldwide firearms restrictions only proves the point, say gun rights advocates.

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5 thoughts on “Treacherous waters ahead for gun control advocates

  1. I agree, bill

    Sent from my iPad

  2. You cannot punish all for the act of one. As liberals always do – the expect all to follow their thinking. These are your rights and NOONE has the right to take them away for any reason. If this indeed does happen – this country will never be the same. People will not give up their guns, it is our protection from exactly what Obama is doing. Tyranny will not thrive in the USA. Ever.

  3. People must wake up. The left manufactured gun free zones in order to DELIBERATELY facilitate mass murder and thereby make the banning of certain weapons and magazines easier to accomplish. Liberals are not stupid. They knew it was necessary to change the mind of the American people when it came to thinking about guns and the 2nd Amendment. Best way to do it, just clear the way for psychopaths to murder at will by making it illegal for the law abiding to defend themselves! Hell, the left even ADVERTISED where these gun free zones would be, attracting all manner of nuts to them. Does anyone really believe it was an accident or coincidence that Lanza picked a place in which he knew no one could stop him?
    So the left succeeds in causing a certain amount of disgust with “assault weapons,” the liberal media climbs on board as usual and gutless Republicans and NRA leadership will no doubt back down, not wanting to be declared evil supporters of the killing of children.
    Of course, how many Republicans will mention that leftists have been firmly and TRULY behind the murder of children for decades, responsible for millions of deaths, not 20.
    How many Republicans will mention the fact that, thanks to the left’s gun free zones, Lanza had time to go through a dozen or more 5 round magazines. The 30 round type were unnecessary!
    And how many of our brave, congressional Republicans will say that it is the fault of liberals that morals have gone to Hell!
    It will be very interesting to watch as this latest assault on the Constitution plays itself out.

  4. Be cautious. Obama’s New Majority (razor-thin as it still is) doesn’t believe in the Constitution, which is NO LONGER our shield and defender as it was in past centuries. The man is fast on the road to becoming a popular dictator, which is why he wants to confiscate and destroy all firearms remaining in the hands of the people.

    2013 could be a very ugly year in this and many other respects. Be warned!

  5. The smart people are buying ALL the guns and ammunition they can afford. sotero may try to pass this ban on assault weapons SALE, But he would be committing his FATAL MOVE to try to confiscate ANY GUNS…

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