Merry Christmas from the Second Amendment


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Sadly we will never no the number of rapes, murders, muggings, car jackings, and home invasions as the result of people exercising  their Second Amendment Rights.


It’s clear ignorant politicians, and their equally foolish media believe that information like most everything else going on with this administration is on a need to know basis.  

by Dan Mitchell

Last year, I shared this heartwarming holiday adoption video.

Keeping with that tradition, here’s a Christmas greeting to warm your heart…and offend the delicate sensibilities of statists.

The extra flash at the end is a nice touch. Sort of reminds me of this joke about the difference between conservatives, liberals, and Texans.


Damn she didn’t even need an assault weapon like Obama is whining about she took the rapist as a well trained person with a concealed weapon would.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the Second Amendment

  1. Only you would think more guns makes less gun violence.

    The USA has the same amount of gun murders per gun per person as Australia. Australia has much less guns per person though, and so there are less gun murders, and murders in general , per person. You guys are becoming dangerously stupid.

  2. Quote your source for statistics please.

  3. It’s obvious that manofperspective has no perspective . If my ” significant other ” is walking home from the store I want her to be armed . How do we know who’s next on some muggers ” to do ” list ? Here in Vt. we don’t have , per capita , the same number of attacks on women or others more vulnerable such as the elderly or physically handicapped that San Francisco or L.A. has but we also don’t yet have restrictive laws on concealed carry that Calif. does . I have ” friends ” that either are or were active in the criminal world , drugs mostly , and because I don’t pass judgement on their life styles they are comfortable talking to me . All agree that they think twice before committing a crime against an individual as opposed to breaking into an un-occupied residence simply because they don’t know who’s carrying and who isn’t . I’m known , both publicly and privately , to be armed at all times and between that and the grace of God my family hasn’t been touched as yet by criminals . I’m also known as a person who calls the cops only as a last resort . I’ll take care of business myself if at all possible . I firmly believe that if potentially lawless types don’t know whether or not you’re armed , it’s a deterrent . I carried a badge and a gun as a Deputy for a few years and was told by criminals that their first choice of targets were those that were obviously not armed . It’s a common sense issue plain and simple . Who are you going to hit first ? Someone who is obviously less able to defend themselves or someone that you’re not sure of ? Maybe it’s the old Boy Scout thing about being prepared . If I’m obviously willing and able to defend myself and my family , I feel that I’m much less likely to become a statistic than someone who feels that they can rely on the kindness of their fellow man . Todays world is not a place where we can be secure in the kindness of our fellow man . I wish you well Mr. Manofperspective but I will continue to tilt the odds in my favor whether you Socialists like it or not .

  4. LMBO!! That’s the ending I like to see!

  5. This video is the BEST I have seen in a long time…. And a REAL HAPPY ending…

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