Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: One for the X Files : Did Emily Parker Die at Sandy Hook if so why is Obama holding her two days later?

Obama-Forward-SC-690x1024Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist and Patriot.

Frankly I’m flabbergasted by this find which was sent by one of our readers.   I’m still trying to get my arms around it.

The only thing that makes sense to me is that this was put together by somebody that is the personification of EVIL

Is this the cruelest of hoaxes?   Could ABC News be this screwed up?

ht_barack_obama_ss_w_newtown_jp_121217_wmainPhoto: Courtesy ABC

The same story was covered in a different fashion by the Huffington Post.

Emily Parker Obituary

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.


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12 thoughts on “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: One for the X Files : Did Emily Parker Die at Sandy Hook if so why is Obama holding her two days later?

  1. I havet heard any thing about any of this.. are they saying the little girls didnt die and the father says she did…

  2. All governments lie – always have and always will. Because lies are the most valuable tool of governance. But in the new Telecommunications Age, lies are more easily outed.

  3. My first question is, why would the President of the United States of America choose a memorial to the children slain in Sandy Hook as a photo-opt with their grieving parents? Why would the parents agree to allow themselves and their children to be photographed with the president like this, at a time of such immense sorrow? These photographs are not only in poor taste but are very disturbing

  4. To Roxanne for J.C.: Are you saying Obama wans’t holding Emily? If the YouTube isn’t evil then how did ABC blow the story so badly along with the Huffington Post. Thanks for the response. I still don’t get this one, thanks J.C.

    The little girl in the picture with Obama is Emily’s younger sister. Both of her younger sisters look like her. The dress is the same because it was passed down to the younger sister.

  5. ROXANNE..AND YOU KNOW THIS BECAUSE>>>? Do you know the family personally? The idea that Obama would be holding her younger sister even with a big grin on his face while she wore her dead sisters dress is a bit disconcerting..it that is the truth. I guess no one told this child her sister had been murdered at this point? Maybe they forgot to tell Obama this too in his photo op.
    I saw the utube of the father speaking right after this tragedy, and he too was smiling and preparing to get a “sad” look on his face for when he “thought” the camera would be rolling. I have many questions about this too. Why was the rifle he shot these people with found in the trunk of his car later on if he did shoot them, and then himself? Why hasn’t anyone seen any of the shots from the school aside from liberal media approved file shots? NO autopsy reports, no actual proof that this person accused is the shooter,just the word of the liberal media. What happened to the other guy they found in the area that remarked “he didnt do it” when they first nabbed him.How did he even know what happened? If this is such a small town with neighbors, why hasnt anyone heard from them, or the neighbors surrounding the school. All that has been put on a hush up??? I can tell you this..I WOULD NOT BE SMILING AT ALL, IF MY CHILD HAD JUST BEEN MURDERED!

  6. One more thing that troubles me.This town is an upper middle class community.Why would the father be asking for money to be donated 2 days after her death, and why would the younger sister have to wear a hand me down for a photo op with the president? Especially the dress of her murdered sister. Isnt that a bit grotesque and unecessary? Something is not adding up here…AT ALL!

  7. Yep, another one for the X-Files. This whole thing is sooooo weird! Yeah, I guess I just accept your Whiskey Tango Foxtrot response.

  8. Something is truly Weird here and I don’t have enough facts nor answers to make a comment… I would be more concerned about the shooter(S), ballistics who really shot his mother, who were those two others, one they captured running away and the other handcuffed, lying on his stomach, or why hasn’t the children been questioned… This seems more like another govt false-flag……. I say that if sotero doesn’t have his way with gun control. LOOK OUT FOR ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING…..

  9. Nothing is impossible for this Son of Satan!!

  10. Hello Jim,

    Strange. The pictures appear to be of the same girl. I suppose it’s possible that the two girls pictured just look similar. I saw an explanation that claimed ABC published a photo, with this girl because she was so similar to the victim, from a much earlier (supreme leader) Obama photo-op in order to tug at people’s heartstrings.

    What they claimed was that the ABC photo (not sure if they were the original source) was not taken after but long before Newtown and in a different place. I have no idea what’s going on, although I suspect this is going to end up being just one more distraction that keeps people off Obama’s trail long enough for him to do what ever he has in store for us next.


  11. I am not as concerned about the photos, as sisters look alike and they don’t always sit still for photo ops, but I am more concerns about the shooter’s body being claims already and was there an autopsy taken on him? What about the mother. Do we assume she was shot by her son or ? It smells.

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