This is real: Notice to Hunters: “UNKILLED” HAMBURGER MEAT



Note To All Hunters:
This is an actual letter from the San Francisco Chronicle.
Folks, just remember as you read that, this person probably drives, votes AND, may have already reproduced.
God help America.
This also explains how Obama got elected…TWICE.
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8 thoughts on “This is real: Notice to Hunters: “UNKILLED” HAMBURGER MEAT

  1. What a moron! This person needs to be taken to slaughter houses and breeding farms. I am not a hunter. I do not have the stomach for it , but I love a good steak and am certainly NOT deluded into thinking no animals were harmed so I can enjoy a porterhouse or a good burger.
    That is one of the stupidest remarks I have read since Pelosi wanted to vote in the Obamacare and THEN see what was in it! Where do these simpleton, brainless humanoids get their concepts of reality?

  2. This is why warning labels should be removed from all products everywhere. In about two generations these idiots would weed them selves out of society but using super glue to stop a runny nose or Preparation H to fix a tooth ache. Darwin’s rules of Survival should be applied to those that like to ride around with a Darwin Fish bumper sticker on the back of their car.

  3. LOL, Yea, saw that a while back. Just goes to show the Mentality Liberals currently exist in. lol Good one

  4. Reblogged this on YourDaddy's Politics and commented:
    Educated in Government Schools. Brought up AFTER guns had been demonized and the Nanny State Progressives started dictating education curriculum. Like this blogger stated “This person likely voted”. That is enough for me. We have to take back our schools.

  5. There was a list of things that was said by Politicians, I wish i could get my hands on it, but one of the good ones said something like this. A Senator from CA. called a Travel Agent and asked him to give her Travel plans to Washington DC, and schedule info. When he got back he told her she would leave CA at something like 10:30 AM. She asked what time would the Arrival be and he said 10:45 AM. The Senator was Amazed and asked How could that be, the Guy said it was a really fast flight, and she believed him.

  6. Just because someone is a Vegan and lives a compassionate life style does not make them a liberal or does not make them stupid. I for one am a Vegan and do so because I do know where Your STEAK and HAMBURGER comes from. The fact that you choose to eat rotting flesh does not seem to be all that bright. As soon as the heart stops beating in any living thing the flesh that it supplied oxygen to via the blood vessels, well, that living tissue that once was, starts the rotting, decaying process. The fact that these helpless creations are tortured and traumatically killed just adds to all the awful things in the MEAT you are consuming for your gut. If the fact that I don’t want to put rotting flesh into my body makes me stupid then stupid I will gladly be. If any of you so called bright people with all your crude remarks about all of us idiots that actually do understand that millions of animals everyday are slaughtered for your glutenous eating, if any one of you have the guts to: Please watch: THE BEST SPEECH YOU HAVE EVER HEARD, by Gary Yourofsky. Awesome man stating some facts. So please I would ask you to watch his speech that he gives all over the world in support of not only humans but all living things. I doubt any of you have the BALLS to watch it. Any way enough ranting and may God bless and keep all living creations safe and from harm. TTFN

  7. I suppose you think that plants live all the way through your digestive system. Plants die when harvested and go through the same rotting process. Just because something dies, does not make it rot. Bacteria will make it spoil and rot. If meat or vegetables are kept clean and dry, they will dehydrate and remain preserved. Eat your vegetables and be happy. Quit worrying about what someone else chooses to eat.

  8. I was born and raised in California. I would like to apologize to the rest of the United States for the damage that We have done to this country. Starting with Nancy Perlosi. California at one time was a State to be proud of.

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