Joshua Boston US Marine V Pierce Morgan on the Second Amendment


By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper, and Patriot.

Let’s hear it for former Marine, Joshua Boston, a tribute to the U.S. Marines, his parents and his country.

guns5n-3-webJoshua Boston left

Pierce Morgan, a sycophantic prig continues to put forth absurd hypothetical situations to argue his inane position.


What, AR 15’s aren’t mentioned in the Second Amendment? 

Read it again Mr. Morgan it’s right next to muskets and semiautomatic pistols.

Yep, everyone in America is going to show up with an assault style weapon at a movie theater at the same time.

Pierce and his ilk can’t deal in facts or reality, gun laws were in place when mass murders took place and  twisted people got them illegally. 

Morgan has problems with the facts and telling the truth as the video above clearly demonstrates.

People who are evil and crazy will kill. 

All the likes of Obama, Feinstein and the press are doing is grandstanding as they move the unbalanced toward pipe bombs and IED’s…

Bottom line: Every single instance in the United States where strict gun laws were put into effect, such as New York or Chicago, murder rates and crime skyrockets as criminals become less weary of the average citizen’s ability to defend themselves.

At the same time, every instance where gun possession or ownership became more widespread, crime rates fell dramatically.

Channel George Armstrong Custer and ask if guns are needed to kill?

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, I’m J.C. and I approve this message.

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10 thoughts on “Joshua Boston US Marine V Pierce Morgan on the Second Amendment

  1. Excuse me, but F*CK piers morgan.

  2. Yo Genie, you left out the U. We try not to be politically correct here.

  3. Screw Dieane Feinstein and the horse that she rode in on! We will not weaken our 2nd. Amendment and the rights to own a weapon.Liberals want to disarm America so communism has its chance to advance in society. Plain and simple!

  4. Piers Morgan…………..go home. America kicked your ass over 200 years ago and you seem to not have gotten over it. You, England and the rest of the American “bed wetters” are NOT going to disarm us again! That is a promise! Any Senator or Congressman who acquiesces to this thought of disarming us will loose their elected position. Plain and simple! There is not other answer. Case closed!

  5. You meant for Dianne to screw the camel she rode in on right Tater?

  6. Gun control is a waste of time. Criminals will get guns and people will die. At least the way it is we can defend ourselves against the criminal element. The Second Amendment should not be interferred with. Leave it in place and continue to enforce it.

  7. the dick act of 1903 makes all this argument pointless. It makes all gun control laws illegal and void. It also names all able bodied men in the USA as the militia of the USA.

  8. I am a strong believer in gun control. I think every law abiding American should have one and be required to have in their person all the time.

  9. As a USMC combat vet, I have killed for this country and it’s freedom’s and I WILL NEVER GIVE UP MY GUNS.
    People in this country need’s to WAKE UP, before it’s to late, we are lousing more and more of our rights.

  10. If I remember correctly, the Native American Indians had bows, arrows, spears and tomahawks! Some may have had guns they took from other “victims”!

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