Three Days Before Shooting “United Way Extends Our Most Sincere Condolences


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Those who frequently visit this site know that I’m not a conspiracy buff, and for the most part try to debunk them as red flag operations on this page.


It is seeming more and more like Sandy Hook, with all its inconsistencies was a planned event to hasten disarming law-abiding citizens in America.

An administration that will cover up Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the alleged take down of Osama bin Laden believes it to be above the law. 


It is that belief that will come back and bite them in the ass.  They will make a strategic error in judgement that will lead to a tidal wave of outrage in America. 

Will attempting to take our weapons be the tipping point, or is it also a false flag to keep us from thinking about Obama Care, and Benghazi?

“The truth is out there, trust no one,”~Fox Mulder The X files.

by Katie Baker

I could not believe what I just saw in a video.  Following is more information I found using his research.  We have got to share this information with as many people as possible.  How could this have been possible?

Ever since these shootings more gun control laws are coming forth and threats of seizing all firearms are abundant.  Think this was at all a planned event?


A Google search for ‘Sandy Hook United Way’ shows a cached page dated December 11, 2012, three days prior to the school shooting stating “United Way extends our most sincere condolences and prayers to all those families affected by the devastating events in Newtown/Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

How was it that United Way offered Sandy Hook families their condolences 3 days before the shooting occured?

More twists to the Sandy Hook narrative. On December 11 Google indexed the United Way website that offered condolences to the family’s of Sandy Hook.

This is a full three days before the actual shooting that took place on December 14 2012.

Below is an excerpt from the December 11 united Way page. Don’t we all love a good conspiracy? (complete article below)

United Way extends our most sincere condolences and prayers to all those families affected by the devastating events in Newtown/Sandy Hook, Connecticut. While the eyes of the world may be on Newtown/Sandy Hook, to several staff, volunteers and contributors, Newtown is home.

We will stand with the community and everyone affected directly and indirectly by this tragic event as we face the days and weeks ahead.

United Way of Western Connecticut is committed to providing support and resources where and when they become identified and needed.

As people from our area and beyond respond to this heartbreaking tragedy, they are turning to United Way looking for ways to help. In response, United Way of Western Connecticut in partnership with Newtown Savings Bank has created the ‘Sandy Hook School Support Fund’ that will be able to provide support services to the families and community that has been affected.

Ever hear about Project Monarch?  or MK-ULTRA?  All I will say is that these programs did and do still exist.  We had the husband of a family member who was a victim of these programs who is now deceased.

After completing whatever assignments these people are programmed for they either commit suicide or are assassinated.  There is never a witnessed left.

Apparently if they do not commit suicide after time passes the programmed individual begins to have memories of the events that they were involved in. That is why if their programming breaks down and they do not commit suicide (as we have seen in almost all of these mass killings), they are “taken out” of the program.

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6 thoughts on “Three Days Before Shooting “United Way Extends Our Most Sincere Condolences

  1. Hi JC,

    Welcome to the club. At times I suspect we’re just living in a big hologram.

    Jim C

  2. This is really pretty unbelievable, and if I had not read the original United Way with the date, I would say it is nonsense. Is there any way to check on this, as in, someone put in the wrong date? ‘Cause if not, it is far beyond what most would ever understand. A set-up. A fake Osama take-down….wow. Implications are unreal and of course, un-noticed by everyone, including myself, until just now.

  3. Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog and commented:
    Commentary by RDW..
    ~ Wow! More info. coming out about the Sandy Hook tragedy! It’s looking more and more like it was a set up! People knew what was about to happen and they just let innocent lives be massacred!~

  4. If this is truly a set up and it so easily convinced people it did happen, then it is just as possible that no one was killed or died except for the killer, who was wearing a bullet proof vest by all accounts. Even the picture of the child with Obama in his photo-op a day or so after the shooting was claimed to be the sister of the murdered girl wearing her sisters dress when it was remarked that many thought it was the girl that had been shot. No parents ever saw the bodies of their dead children save one parent. No funeral coverages by the sensational liberal media, and that is a problem for me. No pictures of the inside of the school after the tragedy, no recorded videos that most schools. like many public places have, were recovered or shown. Maybe it would have shown someone entering the building or entering the classrooms, but there was nothing. The fact that the rifle claimed to have been used to kill all those children was found in the trunk after they found the shooter dead in the building. Too many suspicions, just as in every other tragic incident that were never explained by the Obama administration.

  5. I have said before that Obama and his cronies are the greatest threat to the United States of America and the free world since Josip Stalin. Obama is much more than a fraud, a common criminal and a Socialist with Muslim leanings; he is a traitor to this country as evidenced by his arming of the Muslim Brotherhood – a sworn enemy of the USA. And he’s no mere traitor, he is more than that, he is EVIL incarnate. A man like that would not hesitate in sending a team of professional killers to slaughter innocent children and adults in an effort to pursue the goal of disarming American citizens and denying them their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. His flagrant disregard and contempt for the Constitution and the American people are clear for anyone to see. His arrogance knows no boundaries. Obama must be stopped at any cost if the USA as we know it is to survive. He needs to be exposed for the traitor he is. He needs to be tried and convicted for his crimes. And he needs to publicly executed as an example to any individual or group that might try taking over this country as Obama and his minions have been doing.

  6. 26 people were sacrificed on the Obama’s altar for complete control of the formerly free America and its sovereign citizens. A relative told me tonight we’re very near the tipping point. I think the fiscal cliff was a misnomer. I believe we’ve been thrown into the abyss already. It’s a matter of chicken now…you know, that old kid’s game.

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