More anti-gun laws in America is this a serious overreaction or a huge charade?


Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

In a perfect world, no one would be the victim of the mentally deranged or an evil probably psychotic


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The media and politicians are having a heyday with theses tragedies; perspective must be called for.

I will do so using the statistics from the source below breaking down all mass murders since Columbine, then break down school mass murders, then bring the reader to a startling realization on how many kids are actually shot per year while attending school.

Also this site will not cover this issue any longer as it is a meaningless effort and just supports the lunacy of the mainstream media and politicians.

A Timeline of the Mass School Shooting in the U.S. Since Columbine.

A total of 242 people, not children in schools have been killed since April 20, 1999. In the deadliest high school shooting in US history, teenagers Eric Harris and Dylan Kiebold shot up Columbine High School in Littleton, CO. They killed 13 people and wounded 21 others. They killed themselves after the massacre.

The list ends for the time being, with the 26 people shot and killed, with twenty being children, at Sandy Hook elementary school on Friday morning, December 14, 2012

A total of 104 people have been murdered while at school over a 14 year span.  Any doubts?  Please do the math, I did from the links provided above. 

Getting to the point, these numbers demonstrate 7.428 people were killed in schools per year by unspecified types of guns during this time span.

More oppressive gun legislation is clearly not the answer as for the most part the weapons used in these murders were obtained illegally.

Retired troopers patrolling schools in Pennsylvania district Butler, Pa., officials acted quickly after the Newtown school massacre to hire qualified people with law enforcement credentials to keep watch on campuses.

BUTLER, Pa. — Four hundred miles from Sandy Hook Elementary, a superintendent named Mike Strutt left a morning meeting on Dec. 14 and decided to place his schools on “threat alert.”


He was concerned about a copycat attack on the day of the Connecticut shootings. But, as he read reports of the massacre, he started to worry more about something else.

For 20 years, he had specialized in school safety, filling three binders with security plans and lock down drills — all of which felt suddenly inadequate. In the case of an attack, would a “threat alert” do him any good?

He looked out his office window at the snow-covered trees of western Pennsylvania and imagined a gunman approaching one of Butler County’s 14 schools, allowing the attack to unfold in his mind. In came the gunman, past the unarmed guards Strutt had hired after Columbine; past the metal detectors he had installed after Virginia Tech; past the intercom and surveillance system he had updated after Aurora. Complete article below.Strutt stood from his desk and called the president of the Butler County School Board, Don ­Pringle.“This could happen here,” Strutt said. “Armed guards are the one thing that give us a fighting chance. Don’t we want that one thing?”That question has preoccupied schools across the country since 27 people were killed in Newtown, Conn., last month, and the emerging solutions reflect the nation’s views on gun control. In a divided America, guns are either the problem or the solution, with little consensus in between. A dozen states have proposed legislation to put armed guards in schools; five others have drafted plans to officially disallow them.Groups in Utah are training teachers to carry guns, Tennessee is hiring armed “security specialists” for $11.50 an hour and the National Rifle Association is working on a plan to arm school volunteers even as teachers gather in protest outside the group’s headquarters.At stake in the debate are basic questions about the future of gun control in the United States. Do guns in schools assuage fears or fuel them? Do they keep students safe or put them at risk?

Here in Butler, a shale-mining town in the woodsy hills north of Pittsburgh, Strutt and the school board decided their reaction to Newtown could allow for neither hesitation nor ambiguity. No local school had ever experienced a gun-related threat, but neither had Sandy Hook Elementary. The district had a $7 million deficit, but some priorities demanded spending.

The school board worked out details with a solicitor, who submitted a proposal to a judge, who came into work on a Sunday to sign an emergency order. Before the first funeral began in Newtown, Butler’s head of school security began calling retired state troopers to ask two questions with major implications for the future of public education:

Did they own a personal firearm?

Would they be willing to carry it into an elementary school?

Shrinking budget, changing needs

Frank Cichra owned a gun that he was willing to carry, so he arrived early last week at a shooting range in the mountains outside Butler, hoping to qualify as an armed school policeman. He wore snow boots, a heavy jacket and earmuffs that doubled as ear protection from the cracking sound of gunfire. He slipped on gloves and cut the black fabric away from his right index finger.

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5 thoughts on “More anti-gun laws in America is this a serious overreaction or a huge charade?

  1. yes and no, I believe our children are our greatest asset and greatest hope, in that they need to be protected.

  2. This is not about gun control. There are numerous laws concerning guns already written and they are not being enforced. This about gaining control over the American people. Back in May of 2010, while the nation’s attention was focused on the oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, Hillary Clinton was up at the UN discussing the possibility of signing the UN’s Small Arms Ban Treaty which would usurp the constitutional right guaranteed to all Americans to keep and bear arms. It would be just like Hillary and her boss to place this nation under the auspices of this anti-American entity It is long overdue for this international criminal club to pull up stakes and get out of here. And take Obama and friends with them.
    I hear Pyongyang and Cairo have vacancies.

  3. Lets do away with all security & their weaponry that taxpayers fund to protect those destroying America! Let them live under every law they propose for. We, the People for a term as POTUS, & same for congress. Then we talk turkey if they’re still set on destroying our God-given rights!

  4. You have struck upon and issue that there will never be consensus upon. Should we give up our constitutional rights? Hell no! However this battle will go on and on and the left-stuck media will continue to support fabricated notions and statistics. We have laws but the apathetic public has no interest in obeying or even recognizing them. Emotion dwelled upon by the candy-ass, do nothing administration and congress will keep antagonistic attacks going on forever. One way or another there WILL be a revolution. I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States!

  5. All of the attendant unConstitutional gun control laws are a “huge charade” – -the current “regime” FEARS an armed citizenry! Might I add, they “definitely” should!

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